The New Cold War: Trump-Virus Vaccine!

“Trust me, comrades, why would I lie?”

Comrade Stupid’s BFF, Russian President Vladimir ‘pooty-poot’ Putin announced that Russia has beaten the rest of the world in the race to find a Trump-Virus vaccine.  The vaccine has not gone to clinical trials and has only been tested on maybe a dozen people, one of whom is allegedly his daughter.

Prediction: Roll-up your sleeve, Ivanka, you are gonna be our lab rat!

Anyway, like a common Trump, Putin has not shown any of his work: no data on safety, no data on efficacy. Nothing. Trust Pooty, why would he lie?

Also like a common Trump, Putin has already branded the vaccine: Sputnik-V. Cute, huh? A cold-war race!

Putin, like his mango-hued protogé, is a liar, and all he wants to do here is to appear to be winning, not actually winning. Just like Comrade Trump, Putin doesn’t give a rat’s ass about public health. But he’d love it if a certain insecure beta male went off the rails. Or rather, more off the rails.

Trump-Virus vaccines are the new cold war.

We are opening the betting windows so get your Quatloos together: Russia’s announcement is going to make Prznint Stupid go buggy again, and he’s going to start making unprovable announcements on progress.

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14 Responses to The New Cold War: Trump-Virus Vaccine!

  1. roket says:

    Since Pooty-Poot is LDN’s hero, there is an endless repetitive list of people/things LDN can blame.
    The list of course begins with CNN and ends with statues (or something else completely unrelated).


  2. ming says:

    I’m not betting against the house on that one.

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  3. sos says:

    My Quats* are on LDN not so privately putting the twit screws to the CDC and FDA to fast track project Warped Mind, err, Speed Racer, X something

    *If I have any left after that cunning Bitcoin scam


  4. Dennis Cole says:

    Obviously, there’s a Traitor in our midst, and he will be rooted out, branch, stem and trunk. Can’t anyone else SEE that those fookin Rooshians got hold of OUR research, and ran with it? They simply applied 10 X the manpower as we allotted, and an almost unlimited budget, and got a crude version ahead of us.
    And if I were offered a shot? HAH! Better dead than Commie Red, inject-ted with who knows what nefarious conglomeration that will more likely leave me infected, and not protected.

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    • From what is known of what the Russians have done, and the history of their previous vaccine designs, they’re using an approach that one of the western companies are using, a live adenovirus modified to express spike proteins on it’s surface.

      Russia’s vaccine uses two doses to deliver different harmless cold viruses, or adenoviruses, that have been engineered to carry into cells the gene for the spiky protein that studs the outside of the coronavirus.

      The approach was inspired by the Ebola vaccines Gamaleya developed in 2015 and 2018. But while Putin boasted earlier this year that Russia’s Ebola vaccine “proved to be the most effective in the world,” the WHO still lists it as a “candidate vaccine” on its website.

      Adenoviruses are also being used by scientists at the pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson, the Chinese company CanSino Biologics and the University of Oxford in their vaccine candidates.

      But those other efforts have published data on how vaccines perform in animals ranging from mice to monkeys, and also presented data from early human trials showing the severity of any reactions, ranging from soreness at the injection site to fevers.

      The CanSino vaccine uses one of the same harmless viruses the Russians are using in its vaccine, and its results have been disappointing to some scientists.

      Most of the more outlandish “omigawd untested vaccines do horrible things” scenarios are pure fiction (like ‘Legend’, ‘Survivors’ (which linked the Death to the latest ‘flu jab’) and the conspiracy theory that the AIDS pandemic was seeded from Polio vaccines made in the 1950’s) to the actual…there have been vaccines that had serious side effects that were not anticipated.

      The largest danger though, is simply that the vaccine is ineffective, and won’t prevent you from getting the disease.

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  5. w3ski4me says:

    It was years ago now that I watched the movie “Legend” about a vaccine gone horribly wrong, and I can’t quite get over the feeling that we are living that out now.
    No matter how much we want it now, vaccine trials are in place for a really good reason. We have been stupid about the Virus, please let us not be stupid about a vaccine.
    The cure could easily become worse than the disease.
    I am not an anti-vaxxer, and I’ve had all my childhood stuff, but I don’t go for the regular flu vaccines as I normally stay away from people, even before this Virus struck. So, I am not against a COVID vaccine exactly but I am doing OK with just being careful and I will not be a ginny pig. Ask me about taking the Vaccine once they have a number of varieties and seem to know what they are doing.

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  6. w3ski4me says:

    Thanks, guys. I do know the difference between Science Fiction entertainment and Science. I really don’t expect zombies to ever really happen.
    On the other hand, a big bunch of our current electronic lives was accurately predicted by such science fiction.
    As for me, I’ve had bad reactions to some regularly proscribed medications, so I do want to be extra careful.
    No freakout here, just questioning.

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    • tengrain says:

      w3ski4me –

      I’ll let the toothless mooks of Possum Hollar be my guinea pig, and until they are immunized or cured or whatever I’ll wait. I’m in no hurry.



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    • On the other hand, a big bunch of our current electronic lives was accurately predicted by such science fiction

      A big bunch of our electronic lives was created by folks who were inspired by that very science fiction…so, kind of a self-fulfilling prophesy…

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  7. Dennis Cole says:

    And if anyone wants to watch a terrifically-horrifying Zombie film, I recommend Train to Busan, which I think is Korean, but it portrays China succumbing to a fast-moving, rapidly-acquired virus, and it’s practically non-stop, edge-of-your-seat excitement. Oh, and it’s subtitled in English.


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