School Daze, Cont.

Hat tip: Scissorhead Dennis Cole

Hey guys, remember those schools in Georgia that decided to go full-steam ahead in opening for in-class learnin’ their A-B-3s without mandatory masks and certainly without social distancing? You know, because Lord Damp Nut wants the economy roaring back to life, so his donors will be happy?

Just one week after schools reopened in a northern Georgia school district, more than 800 of its students and staff have been told to quarantine.

Last week, the Cherokee County School District, about 44 miles north of Atlanta, told 20 people to quarantine when one 2nd-grader tested positive for the virus after the first day of school. That number grew fast, and as of Monday night, the school has ordered 826 students to quarantine due to possible exposure, according to a list the district created.

Freedumb is gonna kill us all, and also: so much for the Yutes of Today being immune.

In related news: A new Politico/Morning Consult poll finds 59% of Americans said they oppose fully reopening K-12 schools for the beginning of the academic year, up from 53% last month.

Also in related news: The Big Ten Conference has postponed all fall sports seasons (including football) indefinitely.

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9 Responses to School Daze, Cont.

  1. ming says:

    This fall is going to be such a Covid-19 shit show.

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  2. Pac-12 too, to the moaning and wailing of all the degenerate gamblers sportsfans here in the TSKoA.

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  3. roket says:

    I’ve seen all kinds of polls and surveys about what parents think. Where are the polls/surveys of what the kids think? I would like to know how they feel about being treated like lab rats.

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  4. Dennis Cole says:

    The evictions will begin in earnest come Sept, and those follks will be in too much of a state of shock to do much more than find some place to pitch a tent, (although most cities and communities will have laws prohibiting that,) and to try to find the nearest food bank.
    So it most likely won’t be until early October, when winter begins descending, will the panics begin, with mass rioting & looting, giving donny just the visuals he needs to REALLY crack down, using his private Goon Squads.
    Then comes the War on Iran, the Mother of All October surprises, which will cause such confusion & turmoil, tRump will have the perfect excuse to declare a National Emergency, and literally shut the country down, using military forces – and other, private groups – loyal to him, and cancelling the election, where he will remain in power until violently overthrown, right in the midst of Civil War 2.0

    I may be just another Nosterdumbass, but these are the scenarios I’ve been reading lately, from wise men who probly know more than I when it comes to prognosticating politics, and how World Events are promulgated.


  5. sos says:

    Pre voting age herd cull seems a little harsh. GA isn’t blue yet.

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  6. MDavis says:

    This is actually a better response than I expected. What I expected was that those schools would just have people keep on going to class without warning anyone when a positive test came in.
    Has LDN complained yet about doing testing in this situation?


  7. beckymaenot says:

    I live not far from this area- me and my non-republican voting peeps are super pissed. We have all stocked up so that we can stay in as much as possible for the next 45 days. It’s a mess here and we are all cursing our RedState brethren for going full MAGA and dragging all of us down with their failure to govern or lead in and discernible fashion. I love in Cobb County – they actually decided to do online only for a while. They will “phase in” the in-person learning later this year- but I think that was just to give them cover with the Dolt45 and his crew who threatened to defund the schools that don’t go full in person learning.

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