A Whiter Shade Of Pale

I just can’t…

Kamala Harris, the first black woman on the top of one of our two major parties is not that historically exciting, according to Whitey McHonky, er, Ari Fleischer, black studies scholar.

Meanwhile, the all-white panel —clearly an homage to the Taupe paint chip card at the Sherwin Williams store (and I have no idea who they are)— nods their heads wisely, while Elsa, She-Wolf of the SS, er, host Laura Ingraham vulpinely smiles.

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9 Responses to A Whiter Shade Of Pale

  1. roket says:

    Laura has that Tucker Carlson confused yet interesting look. As if they have no clue what you’re saying, or even care, but pretend they are listening. Also, the lady in pink would look much better in blue methinks.


  2. donnah says:

    Ari Fleisher, really? Another opinion from an old rich white guy? Maybe he could gauge the response of the African American community better if he had ever spoken with any. There is an upsurge in interest and excitement in the Democratic party with Kamala’s announcement. Trump may try to downplay the significance of this choice, but it’s big, as a boost for the party and a contribution to history.

    And their new tack of claiming Kamala Harris will pull Biden further to the left as a bad thing is also short-sighted. Voters are looking for some movement out of the center lane with an edge toward more progressive ideas. The Republican response is weak and wrong.


  3. D’Vorce D’Spousa D’Felon was opining about how she has no connection to American Black Experience because her father came from Jamaica (which he pronounced “Jay-My-Cay” and insisted that it was too the correct pronunciation) and hence had no connection or history with slavery.

    Because, you know, Blacks of African descent have ALWAYS been present in checks notes a Caribbean island.


  4. Dennis Cole says:

    I just hope everyone’s ready for a Federal crackdown on not just (w)rec(k)reational cannabis, but medical, as well as any other type of usage. She fought tirelessly to keep it off the ballot when she was AG for CA, (with million$ in backing from CA’s Prison Guard Union,) she campainged against it, and when it passed overwhelmingly, she pronounced it “a sad, sad day for all Californians.”
    And Biden has consistently said he does NOT approve of any use other than strictly medical. No, it will be status quo for the most part, with Big Biz running the Show.
    And if I sound grumpy, I am -VERY grumpy, as my fight with my Kaiser Drs continues unabated, I’ve been going through withdrawals, and the paltry few pills I managed to hoard are all that stand between me living, or checking out of this popsicle stand. And it doesn’t look like I’m gonna have much luck getting back on a pain-pill regimen. I’ve been erroneously and falsely labeled as “seriously addicted, but no longer in need of………. “trolling e” excessively to procure narcotics…..so DO NOT PRESCRIBE any opioids.”


    • Mary Ellen Sandahl says:

      Dennis, I’m very sorry you’re going thru this. My sympathy has no practical usefulness since I have no experience contending with insurance companies or their doctors, but I hope you can prevail in this. It makes me wonder if there are such things as specialist advocates or ombudspeople who help people with medical insurance struggles.


      • Dennis Cole says:

        Mary E – I got a phone call earlier from just such a person who works for Kaiser, and she told me I was right – but only up to a point. And I crossed a line, and got belligerent and disrespected my
        Drs, but they’re gonna give me another chance; I get a new Primary Dr, one who understands chronic pain better that the last one, and I’m being reassigned to a new Pain Specialist.

        My last Dr actually said, “It’s only pain, it’s not gonna kill you.” He had no reply when I asked him, “What, you don’t think you can’t be tortured to death? And what about ME, someone with a severe heart condition?” Excessive, non-stop pain puts a terrible strain on the heart, and it’s very harmful psychologically and mentally. It changes people, and not for the better. And they have drugs that I was using successfully for over a decade, safely, responsibly, but they just suddenly decided to detox me.

        And then I came to find out that these “Pain Clinics”, both affiliated and non- are eligible for lotsa Federal Amero$, if they maintain a high level of success, in terms of addicts they force to get off their pain meds. Problem is, once they’re cut loose with no more juice, there’s an extremely high rate of suicides.

        Oh, well…….just a bunch of loser dope fiends that nobody will miss.
        Whatever happened to “Better Living Through Chemistry?”


  5. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Kamala Harris will be subject to the ‘Schrödinger’s Blackness‘ trope… the blackness of any Democratic politician cannot be determined until the right-wingers figure out what sort of smear campaign they wish to wage.

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    • beckymaenot says:

      ^^^B4 speaks the truth.

      I think they will start out and label her as “an angry black woman” . Then add in “uppity” non-stop. They will remark on her voice, talk about shrillness and her choice of vocabulary. Then they will talk about also her looks. Once they get through those talking points- then they will break out the “she’s not really black enough” crap. Then they will repeat the attacks on her looks and voice again. At least there are only 81 ish days until the election.

      Frankly- Harris is fine with me. Biden is also fine with me. I feel reasonably sure neither one is actively trying to get me killed. Vote Blue, no matter who.

      Fuck these republican assholes currently in charge.


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