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Jump for Jeebus!

Our old pal Josh Bernstein has a modest suggestion for preventing voter fraud:

Got that? Punish the fraudsters with long prison sentences and then steal the electoral votes of the states that vote by mail.

He’s a marvel.

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8 Responses to Happy Hour News Briefs

  1. roket says:

    Gosh, Josh, I have so many questions. This law you speak of, will it be an EO or what? And will it apply to all Americans or just Democrats since republicans are usually the ones doing the voter fraud bit? Also, why do you support taxation without representation?? Methinks you’re becoming a National Security issue.

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  2. And he’ll do this with an executive order? Josh is special, isn’t he?

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  3. w3ski4me says:

    Just what part of a “Free Country” does this guy not understand? “For me but not for thee?
    I think he’d make a terrible Daddy.


  4. so, the solution to voting fraud is just to make all of them for Trump. Remember when America used to intervene in countries where that shit happened? The rest of the world is, right now, discussing reducing our status to a new level, 4th World….

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    • not being snarky right now. But we are pretty much the worst country in the fucking world. No other country will allow people from our country to travel. When has that EVER happened? Our economy is the most cratering in the world, and we are allowing more people to die than in any war since the Vietnam (and I am counting both sides). Our government is openly ridiculed, and our ostensible nominal “Leader” is openly mocked, and he can’t even understand the mocking. Out most prevalent opponent, stands up to him, laughing at his inability to even understand how he is being completely destroyed at every turn. Our most long term allies refuse to even deal with us anymore. Germany has become the Leader of the Free World, because Britain followed the stupidity train to dissolve their participation in the EU which will turn them into a bankrupt shithole. So at somepoint, we will be able to have the ShitholeFest, and it will be attended by Aerica, the burning remnants of England. And nobody else.

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  5. Oneofthebobs says:

    First, we make the penalty for voter fraud more extreme. Then, we commit voter fraud. Foolproof plan!

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  6. paul fredine says:

    just like his idol, prez dipshit, joshie doesn’t quite understand how executive orders work. and fwiw, i know he’s never been a model of good looks but he doesn’t look well here. think he should be tested?


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