Early Lunchtime Reading: Our Failed Political Press

Deadly distractions

Guys I hate doing this to you as you approach lunchtime, but this post at Slate(!) by Will Saletan is important.

The Trump Pandemic

A blow-by-blow account of how the president killed thousands of Americans.

From Press Run this morning that pointed me to it:

Embracing the false assumption that Trump cares about the raging Covid-19 pandemic and is trying to help the country heal, the press perpetuates a myth about the distressing state of our nation. On paper, the president ought to care. But this one does not, and that should be the dominant news story. Not claims that he’s “still struggling to fully grasp the severity” of the crisis, as CNN recently reported. Or that the administration is merely “dysfunctional,” as the Washington Post suggested last week.

“The lost days of summer: How Trump struggled to contain the virus,” read the Washington Post headline, falsely implying that Trump has in fact “struggled” do anything in recent months to stop the virus. The reason tens of millions of American school children won’t be back in classrooms this fall, why nearly 15 million have lost their jobs and remain out of work this year, why high-profile enterprises such as college football look less likely to happen in coming weeks is because Trump’s done nothing to help fight the pandemic. (The Post headline was later changed to “Trump falls short in containing the virus,” which still radically underplays the story.)

The clear evidence shows his actions have consistently made the crisis worse — that’s the news story. In an excellent Slate piece that avoids the typically vague language used in so much of the pandemic coverage, William Saletan presented the unfiltered facts…

You see, our Failed Political Press is once again trying to humanize Prznint Stupid. The Slate(!) piece is so well documented it’s impossible to come to any other conclusion than their headline.

It’s the Trump Razor again: Ascertain the stupidest possible scenario that can be reconciled with the available facts and that answer is likely correct. 

Lord Damp Nut doesn’t care about the pandemic, and never has. Why is the press aiding and abetting him? It’s maddening to know that an existential threat (Prznint Stupid) is ignoring another existential threat (the Trump Pandemic) and the press is just underplaying his negligence because they have a template that they like to follow.

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8 Responses to Early Lunchtime Reading: Our Failed Political Press

  1. julesmomcat says:

    Suckface shivs-a-git about no one, but himself.

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  2. Ralph Wiggam says:

    I loved the part where Xi Jinping suckered Trump into believing it would all go away when warm weather arrived. What a maroon!

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    • tengrain says:

      It’s really embarrassing, innit? He so wants so bad to be in the he-man, dictator’s club.




  3. They remain stubbornly unwilling to call a goddamn spade lying sociopathic grifter a lying sociopathic grifter.

    What kind of journalistic ethic do they think they’re upholding by doing this???

    (beyond the sacred BothSidesÜberAlles commandments 1-5,476 of Journanimalism)

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  4. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Seeing the months of malfeasance laid out like that in one long-read was very sobering, therefore I shall make this a gin-and-tonic night.

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  5. Bruce388 says:

    Everything Lord Dampnut has done has maximized American deaths. He hasn’t one one goddam thing to improve the situation and that’s not going to change.

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