Look Out Suburban Moms! Incoming!

Do it for the children

Politico has an article about how some Republican strategists think that attacking LGBTQ kids is a way of getting suburban moms back in the fold:

“In late September, during the final tense weeks of the Kentucky governor’s race, a few hundred thousand voters started seeing ads in their Facebook feeds, YouTube channels and text messages. One spot showed a teenage boy dominating a high school girls wrestling competition. The other showed a boy easily winning a girls track race. Both ads posed the same question: Is this fair?

Well, at least it is not the Your Kind Cannot Pee Here. It’s still craven, tho.

“[Terry] Schilling is hoping that stoking anxieties of suburban women and independents about gender nonconforming adolescents will persuade President Donald Trump to add one more front to his culture war reelection strategy. …”

I guess he has not considered that some of those suburban parents might have a gender non-conforming kid. Do continue.

“Next week, [American Principles Project] will debut two ads in battleground Michigan that accuse former Vice President Joe Biden, who has generally used his platform to promote protections for LGBTQ youth, of endorsing “gender change treatments for minors,” including surgery and hormone therapies for transgender youth. One of the ads, featuring former drag queen Kevin Whitt, warns that children “need time” to develop a stable sense of their gender. “As a young teen, I felt I should be a woman,” Whitt says. “Seventeen years later, I felt I should be a man again. Treatments to change the gender of a minor are very dangerous and irreversible.”

It’s a mistake to attack children, period. How desperate do you have to be to make kids be the object of your wedge issue-driven campaign. Seriously, do these people know any parents?! 

Any parent who is OK with this is a parent the 4th Reich already had on Team Evil. I cannot imagine that it is going to work on the suburban parents who are already fleeing from Lord Damp Nut’s grasp.

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3 Responses to Look Out Suburban Moms! Incoming!

  1. roket says:

    What could possibly go wrong? Well, except for raising an entire generation to hate their parents and other assorted unintended consequences.

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  2. sos says:

    This idea narrowly beat out “drowning unwanted puppies”.


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