What’s Old Is New Again (and also old)

Oh, this is bad: The NYTimes reports (emphasis mine):

“Brian Hook, the State Department’s special envoy for Iran and one of the few national security officials to survive the turmoil in the foreign policy team through most of President Trump’s term, plans to announce Thursday that he is resigning his post.”

“Mr. Hook will be succeeded by Elliott Abrams, a conservative foreign policy veteran and Iran hard-liner who is currently the State Department’s special representative for Venezuela.”

You may recall GHW Bush-pardoned war criminal Elliott Abrams for his assorted atrocities in in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, and the rebel Contras in Nicaragua; you might also recall the Chimpy hired him for essentially the same job after Abrams helped “architect” the Iraq War cluster-eff.

Look, anywhere Abrams goes, crimes against humanity follows. That the 4th Reich is putting him into Iran again is super-bad.

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7 Responses to What’s Old Is New Again (and also old)

  1. Elliot’s gettin’ old and sloppy. He failed to gin up a war with Venezuela, and now only has less than three months to blame the accidental fertilizer explosion clearly a bomb in Beirut on Iran so he can jerk off to warporn again..

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    Buh-bye, Felicia…

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  3. Steve Boone says:

    Also, never forget, barred from testifying before congress because of his perjury. Presumably the institutional memory isn’t this long, which is too bad!

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  4. osirisopto says:

    Oh, war with Iran.
    I’m so surprised.


  5. laura says:

    Where Elliot Abrams goes, crimes against humanity always follow. He is filth.


    • laura says:

      Jeez – I was so incensed I couldn’t read to the end of the post and, well, it just bears repeating. Unspeakable things were done under his oversight in our name.


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