Breaking: NY AG Goes After The NRA

(Gun) Smoke and Mirrors From the NRA

It’s a step:

Read the whole tweeter-thread.

It’s a civil suit, not a criminal complaint.  The IRS could file a criminal complaint, but haha, like that will happen in the age of Trump.

More here.

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7 Responses to Breaking: NY AG Goes After The NRA

  1. SkinnyDennis says:

    Bets on how soon Bunker-Boi wishes LaPierre the best.

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  2. skinnydennis says:

    Test – fixing login problem

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  3. spotthedog says:

    Damn, NY is rockin’ it, sweet!

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  4. Cue deafening howls of “BUT MAH SECCCUND GUNMENDMENT RAAAAAHTS” from possum hollar and squealing pols. And the WHShitterTweets will be endlesss…

    She might have well announced “We’re gonna come cut all yall’s dicks off!”


  5. Steve Boone says:

    She was right, it is a terrorist organization and it should be eradicated from my planet.

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