PSA: Wait a Minute Mr. Postman

This machine kills fascists Art by Mike Shine (H/T @cgerrish on the Twitter)

Tiger Beat’s email thingie warns us that the deal for Ameros for USPS is being whittled-down (more on this in a moment):

THE DEM CONCESSIONS: Their USPS ask went from $25 billion to $10 billion — subject to a meeting today with the postmaster general that MNUCHIN, MEADOWS, PELOSI and SCHUMER will have. REPUBLICANS are not happy with the concessions Dems made, saying their gives were far more generous.

Axios morning email thingie finally addresses the GOP Elephant in the room: USPS

The coronavirus will make this presidential election unlike any other — voting that begins earlier, results that take longer, mail carriers as virtual poll workers and October surprises that pop in September.

  • Perhaps 80 million Americans will vote early, by mail or in person — twice as many as in 2016, Tom Bonier, CEO of TargetSmart, a Democratic political data firm, tells Axios.
  • 24 states and D.C.saw half or more ballots cast absentee in elections during the pandemic.

Why it matters: That’s going to set up more of an Election Season than an Election Day — and increase the odds of national turmoil over the vote count, Axios’ Stef Kight, Alexi McCammond and David Nather report.

  • The election begins in just six weeks, with early voting in Virginia, Minnesota and South Dakota, according to RepresentUs and

What we’re watching:

  • The old-school notion of an “October surprise” will morph or see its power diminish.
  • Worry about mail ballots: The WashPost reports on today’s front page that voters in primaries in five states yesterday “voiced concerns about the delivery and security of mail ballots.”
  • Longer lines will result from consolidation of polling places and shortages of poll workers, who tend to be elderly and therefore at risk of the coronavirus.

In the lead-up to Tuesday’s primary, some Michigan voters reported they hadn’t yet received their absentee ballots. I’ve read that per Michigan law, ballots received after Tuesday can’t be counted.

Election officials advised voters to drop off their ballots in person at election offices or dropboxes, rather than risk delayed delivery by mail. This is good advice, BUT  not every state has drop boxes in place.

So here’s our take-away: the second you receive your ballot, vote and mail it in that very same day. If you are worried about USPS delays and the Hair Füror’s eff’ery (and frankly, you should be), then use a drop box if your state has them.

In Santa Clara County California, we did not have drop boxes, BUT I could drop off my ballot at a drop-box drive through at the Country Building.

Check with your county TODAY to find out what their plan is and what options are available.

It’s likely we won’t know the November election results for days or weeks (it’s always weeks here in WA before we know the exact numbers, though honestly the large trend is pretty easy to announce early from all the early ballots).

Our Failed Political Press will not know how to cover this, and they are very likely to follow the 4th Reich’s story that counting votes is somehow rigging the election. DRAMA! CLICKS! RATINGS!

Keep an eye on this story, it is going to be the James Comey of the 2020 Goat Rodeo.


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5 Responses to PSA: Wait a Minute Mr. Postman

  1. Here in TSKoA, amazingly, it’s a doddle. the BDR household missed getting ours mailed in by last Thursday, we can drop them off at any polling place or the county recorder’s office, and I did so last night, took 2 minutes. Another, possibly related fact: our county recorder’s office is run by a Democratic woman. (and has been for years; and our elections have generally run like clockwork, but I’m sure it’s all just a cosmic coinkidink.)

    (As of last Friday here in Baja Arizona, the county recorder’s office reported that more Mail-in primary ballots had been recieved by then that there were total ballots in 2016 and 2018 primaries. I came in at the very end oif the day, didn’t bother the busy (and amazingly, YOUNG!!) pollworkers. (Da Yutes cam through, at least in my precinct…usually the average age of the pollworkers is ‘remembers the Harding Administration’…)

    What’s really troubling me though is the recent ramp up in the MSM about the flusttercuck that were NYC’s primaries…as if this is what was happening everywhere. DOZENS of states have held their primaries so far and most have gone pretty smoothly (except for the usual GOP Shenanegains, like in Louisville KY…which are egregious and damaging, but have nothing to do with mail-in voting)

    They were fearmongering on NBC last night fretting about how “We might not know the election results for days or weeks after, and it may well end up in the Supreme Court!

    A, so fucking what? We’ve had lots of close races that have taken a while to get final tallies and amazingly the Rupublic still stands, despite the degenerate gamblers ‘political pundits’ in the MSM getting frustrated.

    B. No it’s not gonna end up in the SCOTUS unless there are problems like Floriduh 2000. The Orange FaceAnus will bellow and howl and threaten to SUE and use his Article 2 powers to declare himself God-King Preznit, but like his deeply stupid lawsuit against NV it’ll go nowhere)

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  2. ming says:

    Colorado has had mail in voting for awhile now. I’m lucky to have a dropbox within a block of my house and typically vote on the bedtime poop walk around the county building with the boys. However, if you’re going to send your ballot by mail, make sure you know the correct postage. Colorado ballots are a little bulky and require more than one stamp.


  3. Dennis Cole says:

    Preznit Stupid has already declared he will issue an EO that calls for the election results to be tabulated by midnight, and after that, the counting stops. [checks notes: 3 tRump chilluns, Mella, hissownself, a few assorted toadies & lickspittles…] And the tally comes to eleventeen votes for tRump, none for Sleepy Joe, and…………why it’s tRump in a landslide! It’s unanimous!

    Too bad for the rest of youse out there; we told you the new rules in plenty of time, you’re obviously either too lazy, or you just couldn’t be bothered, while the only ones who really count did their Patriotic Duty, and cast, er, mailed in their Absentee Ballots on time.


  4. Karla says:

    This paragraph pisses me off:
    Worry about mail ballots: The WashPost reports on today’s front page that voters in primaries in five states yesterday “voiced concerns about the delivery and security of mail ballots.”
    THESE TWO THINGS ARE NOT THE SAME! Why do they act like they are?
    I have NO worries about the security of my ballot.
    I worry that LDN has so fucked with the USPS that there may be problems getting my ballot delivered to me, or delivering it to my supv of elections office.
    I’m probably ok — my little county in Floriduh leans R so we’ll probably have no trouble.


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