School Daze

Roses are picked

Violets are plucked

The Trump-Virus is spreading

Gee, we’re eff’ed

(in the dark).

I had put some faith in the Yutes of Tomorrow being smarter than this, but it demonstrates what we are up against. And even if those early anecdotal reports are true that somehow they are not as susceptible to the ravages of the Trump-Virus as the Olds are, they are still going to be spreaders to the rest of the community and to their families.

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14 Responses to School Daze

  1. roket says:

    By November they will be guaranteeing entire states. Most red states if not all red states.


  2. FELINE MAMA says:

    How much coin do you bet that there is gonna be a lot of fights (physical) around the school yard. The smart ones vs. the “I don’t need no stinkin masks” ones. Teenagers are prone to pick on (BULLY) others. Sometimes, just for the hell of it !


  3. donnah says:

    I understand the utter frustration among kids and teens, I do. My niece is a senior in high school and she’s desperate for normal. And the initial info that claimed that kids couldn’t get Covid-19 should have been held back until the knew for sure.
    I wouldn’t want to be the parent who has to keep telling their kids to be patient. My sons are all grown and are obeying the rules. But without scaring them, how do we tell young people that this virus is real and it is killing people? How do we convince them?

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    • beckymaenot says:

      Good question donna-
      My oldest grandkid is 9 and supposed to start 4th grade next week. Her parents have opted (because they are able) for on-line school. My son is a high risk covid candidate due to a suppressed immune system- so this is really an important issue for them. But their problem was how to explain it to the kid so that 1- she’s not terrified and 2- she accepts that home school is how it has to be for a little while longer. 4th graders are not know for their patience. She’s a good kid- but really misses her school, teachers, friends etc. It’s harder still because she feels singled out as most of the rest of her class has decided to go in person.


      • donnah says:

        It’s new territory for all of us. I don’t know what schools are going to be like and I don’t think anyone does. But there’s nothing lost by being careful. The first days will tell how the virus reacts in an environment with children. I just wouldn’t want my children in that environment yet, Ggod luck to you and your family!


    • MDavis says:

      How could they claim that kids can’t get COVID19 in the first place? Did they learn nothing from HIV? Remember when we were told that women couldn’t get HIV? How are kids genetically different from their elders?


  4. osirisopto says:

    I see six people in that photo that are making a futile attempt at not infecting other people if they’re sick and don’t know it.

    Then I see a whole shit load of dumbasses that make W look like a freakin’ genius.

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  5. Fear not! Georgia knows how to make the cases all just magically disappear!


  6. Redhand says:

    Death stalks the halls.


  7. purplehead says:

    Is that for certain a photo from the first day of school at that Paulding County, Joejuh school? I just never know what to believe, there is so much $h!† on the intertoobs.


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