Great Signs, Cont.

(Hat tip: @NamelessCynic of the Twitterverse)

Sign me up. I have a list…

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  1. YellowDog says:

    [Tengrain was here!]

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    Fencing is FAR different than Walling, entirely different concepts, sports, endeavors, what have you. Which is why you’ll ever see any MAGATS at a fencing match, but they’re all for building Walls, or at least enjoying the fantasy of their Great Leader, building the shit outta walls, all up and down the border, Virus-tight Walls, that also serve to keep out the rapists and caravans, and MS-13 gangbangers, except in reality, I think it’s only about 1.2 miles of actual Wall that have been erected, with the other 300 miles or so consisting of replacing old, deteriorated sections that were slated for replacing back during the Reagan or Shrub 1 administration.

    Which, not too long after being put up, a stiff breeze blows them down.


  3. Nangleator says:

    I had some fencing in school, but all I can really remember is, “Aha! Have at you!” Leaping onto a table to kick a tankard of ale into someone’s face, and swinging on the chandelier to crash through a stained glass window and make good my dashing escape.

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  4. yeah, that’s it. All day, I will just be “fencing” other people….


  5. beckymaenot says:

    I’m signing up.


  6. E.A. Blair says:

    I started fencing in college and continued for about twenty years after graduation. I fenced in al three weapons, and reached class C in foil and epee and class B in saber (you start in class E, which means you participated in a registered match; the further ranks are attained by wins). If you think fencing is easy, try holding a 16-ounce cup of water at arm’s length for half an hour without wavering. Then try doing it while in a fencing stance, stepping back and forth without spilling a drop. One of my most interesting relationships was dating a woman in my fencing club. When we had a disagreement, we settled it at sword’s point (or edge). Although I had size and strength as advantages, she was quicker and more agile, so we were quite evenly matched.


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