Get Thee Hence!

Meanwhile, at Infidel753’s Place…

The mystery of the Pyramids will be solved way before science can figure out how Infidel753 manages to make his weekly lists of blogs (and whatnot) to visit! I suspect majicks ancient and profane are his secret, an infinite number of monkeys and tablets, and perhaps a lifetime supply of Jolt Cola.

At any rate, I gotta go and spend some quality time there this morning, and you should too.

[Tradition and custom requires us to keep this post on top today. Any fresher posts will be below. — The Management]

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2 Responses to Get Thee Hence!

  1. Infidel753 says:

    I suspect majicks ancient and profane are his secret

    Dang, busted. And you wouldn’t believe how much of that demon sperm these rituals need.

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  2. Weird Dave says:

    Mmmmmm..Jolt Cola: All the sugar and twice the caffeine…


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