The Lincoln Project, A Cautionary Tale

It’s a good ad, I’m not going to kid you.

But before everyone gets gooey about Rick Wilson & Co. and wonders in the comments about “Why can’t the Dems message like this,” I want to remind everyone that the Dems have been doing this for decades:

We’re called bloggers.

Where the Dems have a problem is not in crafting a message, we have a problem with the messengers, and so these strident voices from outside the party are elevated, and strident voices from inside are ignored. It’s infuriating to me that bloggers have been mostly right since blogging began, it’s that we’ve also been mostly pushed aside and instead the Rick Wilson’s of the world are being embraced.

So for every pontificating poltroon from the Lincoln Project you see on the talkies stroking their chin, remember that there is a Zandar Versus the Stupid, or a No More Mister Nice Blog, or a First Draft, or a Driftglass upon whose shoulders a carpetbagger like Rick Wilson is standing.

(Which is not to say that some bloggers have not gone big: The Plum Line moved over to the WaPo without selling out, Josh Marshall’s Talking Points Memo is outstanding. Digby has gotten a spot on Slate which kinda counts. Ezra Klein, who probably has gone bigger than all of them when he was co-opted by the Villagers and founded Vox, where he now manages to use a lot of words to say absolutely nothing except: Both Sides! but I digress.)

So when I see the Lincoln Project guys are being feted (fetid?) for their bravery and invited on the teevee machine occupying a seat that should be held by a bonafide liberal like any of the fine bloggers mentioned above, I kinda lose my stuffing.

And one last, cautionary tale: remember that the Rick Wilsons are the reason we have Comrade Trump. They dumbed down their party, they promoted bigotry and racism for profit; they used every wedge issue known to mankind to divide us; they trained their orcs to hate us when they slimed, slandered, and un-Americanized us.  They built the modern GOP on hate and lies, and then they lost control of their own stupid monster, and now they want back in the game.

And they will return to form at the first available opportunity, as Steve Schmidt has already proven to us when he ditched the Never Tumpers to take a gig with the abortive Howard Schultz campaign.

So tell me again,  why do you trust them?

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23 Responses to The Lincoln Project, A Cautionary Tale

  1. sos says:

    Hear here!!

    I won’t read anything written by those assbags. If they want to pitch-in to bring down LDN, fine; he’s the most immediate (political) threat. But no clicky from me, evah. Wilson, Lewis, Barnicle, Sykes, to hell with the lot of them.

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  2. antiscience says:

    Ain’t gonna give ’em a red cent. Let lapsed GrOPers fund ’em. If Rick Wilson (et al) want absolution for their sins, let ’em do what David Brock did: work for years to elect Dems. Otherwise, fuckem.

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  3. roket says:

    As usual, and when you’re dealing with conservatives, follow the money and you will discover the reasoning behind their behavior.

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  4. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Yep, the media will elevate scumbags like Rick Wilson because they ultimately want to rehabilitate the Republican Party. Trump was not an anomaly, he was the culmination of more than a half century of bad faith politics.

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  5. spotthedog says:

    Yes to all of the above!!! So incredibly spot-on!

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  6. donnah says:

    Well, let me be the contrarian here for a moment. There’s no doubt that bloggers carry the burden of moving the party forward as well as moving opinions forward. They are deep resources for information, updates, voting and polling and they get out the vote. Bloggers are the heartbeat of politics. They make people aware and they motivate people to act.

    But these outsider/outlier videos are awesome. They take no prisoners, they tell the truth, and they’re slick and contemporary. They reach people who don’t all blog. They counteract the propaganda being shoveled out by FOX news. I enjoy all of them.

    So maybe the enemy of my enemy still isn’t my friend. I’m going to let them do what they’re doing anyway.

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    • tengrain says:

      Donnah –

      I get it, I really do.

      But I also know how the media works, and these Never Trumper guys are now in the Rolodexes (ain’t I old-fashioned!) of all the producers on the talkies. They will be honored guests from here on out, even when they return to form. Once you get a pass, it becomes a pass for life.

      See Kristol, Bill for an example.

      Or Noot.



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    • mamadillo says:

      Donnah – I’m with you. I’m glad to have the Lincoln Project out there, doing their best to keep The Moron from being re-elected. See, I believe deeply that if he gets another four years in power, the entire country will be lost. Look at what we’ve lost already, beginning with 150,000+ lives due to the disaster of corona virus that could have been mitigated considerably had he been smarter and less ego-driven. A rather long time ago I was the Exec Director for my state’s affiliate of a large pro-choice organization, a job I loved and held for 14 years. It was a daunting task, given that our entire legislature was about 90% Repubs and the Dems, except for some totally amazing women, were usually too skittish to speak up or speak out. I learned early on that I didn’t much care what other battles were still to be fought, If some senator or house member was planning to vote our way, I’d welcome that vote and work on him/her to keep that mindset going. My feelings regarding the Lincoln Project are much the same. I’ll happily be in bed with angry Republicans (I’ll probably have a nightmare tonight over that statement) if it will help keep Trump from winning the November election. We temporarily have a shared goal, and we need all the assistance we can find.

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  7. Ten Bears says:

    Yes, the enemy of my enemy is not my friend, merely someone I can work with to a common end. They are Republicans, and like tigers ‘n “christians” don’t change their stripes.

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    • Astamari says:

      Nit-pick. Romans never featured tigers since they were from east/southeast Asia and they never got there.

      That said, Rick Wilson and Steve Schmidt are obviously untrustworthy. But they are also very articulate and highly experienced at messaging. They also have long experience working with the media and they know the GOP brand has ben hopelessly compromised by Trump who, they now realize, really doesn’t give a damn about either the GOP or the Dems.

      That said, if the Dems win the trifecta in November, they need to be ruthless with the GOP who will, characteristically, try to bring a Biden administration to a halt if they can.

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      • vincelamb says:

        Nitpick on your nitpick. Yes, the Romans were more likely to use lions and leopards in their gladiatorial matches and persecutions of Christians disguised as such because both species of great cats existed around the Mediterranean during Classical times. However, tigers also existed along the far northeastern frontier of the Roman Empire what is now Turkey and Iraq as well. In fact, they were there until the 1970s, when they were extirpated. So, it’s possible that the Romans could have used them as well.


  8. purplehead says:

    On the Media recently had an episode on The Lincoln Project, and they pretty covered what I thought. The fact that the Democratic Party has donated millions of bucks to these people, who are not working for us, is shocking. That really pissed me off. Also, Jeet Heer pointed out that the Lincoln Project does not broadcast these ads in the swing states that Dems need to win. Hmmmmm. They are aimed at an audience of one, who occupies our White House. Democrat “leadership” is so, what? Naïve? Ignorant? Stupid? Set in their ways? Lazy? Unimaginative? Incompetent? We need younger and better Democrats running things. Damn.

    Colbert also did that interview with Rick Wilson, that I think TenG posted here. Colbert is on to those people.

    I ran into an acquaintance at the farmer’s market this morning who asked if I’d seen any of those ads by the LP. Oh yeah, I said, I have. “Aren’t they great?!” he said. He just loves them. Loves them so much that he sent them money. NO! NO! NO! I exclaimed. Why did you do that?? Well, because he just loves those ads, they are so well done and they hit at Trump so hard. And because I get so much enjoyment from them, I thought I should send them some money. I explained to him that they are Republicans, most of whom slithered through and out of the Bushes, and they are NOT working for us. They do not need our money! They are well-funded without your hard-earned bucks. It’s a grift that they are asking for donations. Fuck them. This fellow said he didn’t care, as long as they trash Trump.


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    • Diane says:

      You are so right. I’ve watched the dems roll over and play dead for long enough. The olds need to get the hell out of the way and let the youngs in. We need to get this country into the 21st century and have a vision for beyond. It’s not coming from the republicans and it’s not coming from the old thought dems. ( I realize we do have some progressive olds)Let this people shine.

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    • This is a anti-trump version of a trump supprter. “Take him seriously, not literally”, “hurting the people he should hurt”.

      I love that they’re needling trump in a non-directly-attached-to-the-DIms way that undoubtedly gets under his skin, but on November 4th we need to tell them (metaphorically):

      “Thank you for your service, if you turn on us you’ll go up against the wall with the rest of the war criminals”


  9. Or, as Drifty puts it : “The Left: taking shit for being right since before you were born”

    You know what happens when WE do this? Congressional hearings about how terrible terrible these uncouth bloggers are when they put out a poster “General Betrayus” or Dare, DARE compare a right-wing warmonger to [gasp] Hitler, another right-wing warmonger.

    Honestly not one single damned thing that Rick and his fellow lifeboat builders have put out is any different from anything I”ve read here, or at Wonkette, or the Great Orange Satan or Crooks and Liars, etcetera, etcetera, exhaustingly-cetera…

    We just don’t have the media contacts Rick does from sandbagging the people WE support for the last three decades.

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    • MDavis says:

      I couldn’t put together who the “Great Orange Satan” is, had to google it. In my defense, I was sure it was named that, much as all the Chimpy McStagger blogs were named after the shrub.
      So is Kos a time traveler or in contact with one that he set up his site with a sly reference to the LDN situation?


  10. spotthedog says:

    Becoming anti-Trump at this point is an incredibly easy thing to do, the smart people on the right know its rebranding time. I believe the left-talking-point-thieves of the Lincoln Project are all about establishing credibility, as in; “We are the ones who told you the truth about Trump”. About a year or less into the Biden administration I predict they will begin ads hammering him on the budget deficit, returning to the old complaint that all Democrats want to do is spend money, and “Why haven’t they fixed everything yet?!”.

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  12. Ava Middleton says:

    You’re absolutely right, tengrain. I’d rather it be you or driftglass on the tee vee doing all kinds of attack ads.


    • tengrain says:

      Thanks Ava, but to paraphrase the Pet Shop Boys, “He’s got the brains, I got the looks,” such as they are. My vote is for Drifty to do it.




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