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The Tech Bros are gonna be testifying today before Congress starting at noon ET, so I’m putting this up, quickly, so we can do our homework first:

What to watch for in today’s Big Tech CEO hearing in Congress according to experts:

  • Bezos, Cook, Pichai, and Faceberg will all be keeping damage to a minimum. (Wired)
  • Here’s what you need to know. (NPR)
  • And here’s what they’ll have to answer for. (Protocol)
  • A lot will depend on how the committee uses follow-ups. (OneZero)
  • How the bosses will invoke the American Dream as a defense. (FT $)
  • Bezos will say Amazon is the quintessential American company. (CNBC)

Opening statements:

Axios morning email thingie:

When CEOs testify before Congress, as the Big 4 tech leaders will beginning at noon today, they have one job: Demonstrate they’re good corporate citizens by enduring questioning without offending or putting their feet in their mouths.

Axios managing editor Scott Rosenberg writes from the Bay Area that many CEOs mess up by making self-serving statements that are transparently untrue, or by letting their contempt for the machinery of democracy show.

What to watch: Of the four CEOs testifying before the House Judiciary Committee, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg already passed this test with flying colors two years ago.

  • His retort to Sen. Orrin Hatch’s question about how Facebook profits without charging users —”Senator, we sell ads” — was disarmingly forthright.

Apple’s Tim Cook and Google’s Sundar Pichai are both consummate technocrats who are unlikely to flinch, weird out or crack under pressure.

  • Jeff Bezos is the wild card. It’s his first time before Congress. For most of the 25 years he’s run Amazon, he has avoided hostile questions in public.

What to watch: Because of the pandemic, this high drama won’t play out under the hot lights of Capitol Hill, but in the cool squares of Cisco Webex.


Prediction: This hearing will be the headlines at the end of the day. This is also Bezos’ first time testifying and he’s likely to be a big target.  However, Faceberg will probably get most of the slings and arrows because Facebook is the worst. Read this story about how Mooselini (and others) is grifting off of Facebook, against their own rules, and they’re OK with it. (H/T Scissorhead D-Cap)

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  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    I get the feeling that much of the testimony will concern the bogus postulate that Big Tech censors right-wingers.

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  2. Bezos will say Amazon is the quintessential American company

    BREAKING NOOZ: A portion of Bezo’s opening statement has been leaked:

    “The best is to crush your competitors, to see them fail under your immense market control — to let the pirates steal their IP and undermine their goods and hear the lamentation of their shareholders and my employees, and take my rightful skim of all that passes through Amazon. That is best.”

    (Unrelated, but TIL that is NOT actually a quote from Howard’s Conan the Barbarian, but that John Milius stole the line from a book about Ghengis Khan

    Also TIL that Oliver Stone wrote the original script for the movie…)

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  3. Unrelated, but I had to figure out what was up with that Life cover. It’s all BS, of course, done to provide a pretty picture, which is SO on-point for todays Tech Masters of the Universe.


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