GOP Convention! You cannot buy this kind of entertainment!

Republicans get to work!

…because to no one would try to sell it:

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13 Responses to GOP Convention! You cannot buy this kind of entertainment!

  1. sos says:

    I’ve heard of “something for everybody!” but “nothing for anybody”? This is a bold attempt at … something, ain’t exactly sure.

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  2. This has been exposed as a joke.
    However the fact that it was widely accepted by both sides and had to be debunked by the media is a true testament of what a complete joke/shitshow the GOP has become.

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  3. Dennis Cole says:

    Meanwhile, on the Dim side, they’ll be using “Zapato’s Zingers” for caulking between the planks of the Party’s Platform.

    “¡Tierra y Libertad!” (Land & Freedom!)
    “I’d prefer to die standing, than to live always on my knees”
    “La tierra es de quien la trabaja con sus manos.” (The land belongs to those who work it with their hands.)
    And finally:
    “Ignorance and obscurantism have never produced anything other than flocks of slaves for tyranny.”
    Remarks in regard to Pancho Villa, as quoted in The Unknown Lore of Amexem’s Indigenous People : An Aboriginal Treatise (2008) by Noble Timothy Myers-El, p. 158

    They get Sabato, we get Zappa and Zapata

    (Don’t ask – I’m readjusting meds again. This time, smaller doses of the pain meds, to see if that helps.Of the 9 Rx drugs I take, [only 1 of which is an opioid,] 4 have a warning on the label: *Caution – may cause dizziness, and/or drowsiness; avoid heavy machinery if possible.”)

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    • ali redford says:

      Please do take care!

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      • Dennis Cole says:

        Thanks, Ali – I’m tapering downwards, trying to wean myself off this nasty shit. It wasn’t until I got my new bike, that I realized it was causing a disconnect in my spatial orientation, i.e., I knew up from down, but I was having a hard time not falling when I’d lose contact with the ground with just one of my feet. I need at least 3 pts of contact, to remain stable, and four is best, for instance, when I use my walker: both hands are contacting the handles , which allows me to lift my feet one at a time.

        It’s neurological damage, some caused by Edema and Lymphedema, and some by other factors, like Hypoxia.And my Pain Specialist is trying to come up with an alternative, because I’ve been on opioid pain-meds for over 20 yrs now, and handfuls of ibuprofen or Alleve will just destroy my kidneys, much like Tylenol melted a third of my liver.

        I’m sort of a miracle, having survived 3 heart attacks, 8 hrs of open-heart surgery to repair the hole in my heart, numerous OTJ injuries, and auto accidents, etc., etc. It just hasn’t been my time, so I’ve done whatever I can to improve or sustain my health, in terms of Attitude, Diet, and Exercise, my ADE program.

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    • MDavis says:

      Remember, in real life avoiding heavy machinery includes both avoiding operating same and avoiding accidental contact when others are operating.
      I agree with Ali – take care.

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