Regular readers know I’m not a sportsfan, so I almost passed by this story in the Axios email thingie, but something caught my eye (and not the enigmatic emboldening or the bizarre bullets):

In less than four days, the 2020 MLB season is seriously at risk after at least 14 members of the Miami Marlins tested positive for the coronavirus, canceling games in Miami and Philadelphia and kicking off an emergency league meeting.

  • Marlins players, aware of the team outbreak, decided via group text to play yesterday against the Phillies, circumventing a 113-page safety manual issued by the league before the season started, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.
  • “We knew that this would happen at some point. … That was never our thought that we weren’t going to play,” said Marlins shortstop Miguel Rojas.

The league moved forward without the sequestered “bubble” concept embraced by other sports leagues that have restarted or are on the verge of doing so, instead allowing teams to crisscross the country.

  • The NBA and MLS, both bubbled in Florida, turned up zero cases in their latest round of tests, Axios Sports editor Kendall Baker notes.

And here’s what jumped out at me and reinforces a bit of why sports still matters, kinda:

Why it matters: It’s a bad sign for baseball moving forward. It’s a bad sign for football, as both the NFL and college football aren’t planning bubbles. But most importantly, it’s a bad sign for just about everything.

  • We can’t reasonably expect underfunded public schools to cope as they face reopening with conflicting guidance when a corporation with almost unlimited wealth is overwhelmed in a matter of days.


  • It’s hard to imagine how a normal office is supposed to reopen when MLB players — subject to much more stringent oversight than most workers — can seemingly ignore their league’s safety policies.

The bottom line: We’re about to see the MLB’s issues play out en masse in the real world as colleges reopen and welcome back students from around the world next month.

  • If you can’t trust professional sports players to make smart decisions to keep their league running during a pandemic, how do you expect students freed from months of home quarantine to fare?

You cannot negotiate with a virus. It doesn’t care if a person is a star athlete or a movie star (see Hanks, Tom), or Trump’s National Security Advisor, or just an average Joe.

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14 Responses to Sportsball!

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    If I had to, I would violate my contract so fast, it would leave the Flash eating my dust. We have done this to ourselves, elevating the chasing and swatting at, the throwing and catching of balls to a position of almost Deity-worship.
    Sure athletic prowess is to be admired, and rewarded, if the IHOTFM deems it so, but we got so carried away with it that it completely overrode dozens of other worthy endeavors, and “American” sports are much more combat-oriented than cooperative.

    And as for NASCAR? I’ve been saying for years that any “sport” that glorifies and worships the Internal Combustion Engine, and the Great Gods of Horsepower, is as doomed as the dinosaurs whose decomposed bodies are used as fuel were. And how fitting, eh?

    And I don’t think Electra-Car racing will catch on anytime soon…


  2. David L Keller says:

    Stunning post. I’m going to have to take a walk to bleed the flood of adrenaline that I just felt. Then I am going to go back to programming my computer to completely escape the madness that humanity is doomed to.


  3. sos says:

    Point of parliamentary procedure!
    Does going to a strip club and contracting COVID REALLY violate the spirit of the rules?
    The issue is not whether he broke a few rules or took advantage of a few female employees…
    Isn’t this an indictment of our entire American Society?
    We’re not going to sit here and listen to you bad mouth the United States of America.

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  4. The bottom line: We’re about to see the MLB’s issues play out en masse in the real world as colleges reopen and welcome back students from around the world next month.

    It’s gonna be a shitshow, pure and simple. We’ve already had outbreaks at fraternities here; the bar owners are suing the gub’nor over his right to order them closed, and being that this is the specially GOP-stacked State Supremes, it’s a 50:50 proposition that they tell ‘Il Deuce’ the he’s not the boss of the bars.


    • Dennis Cole says:

      BDR – wtf happened to your comment? And then MY comment about it, which I thought I just left?

      The current world record holder for the Pikes Peak climb is a specially built VW fully electric 4wd race car.

      The standard engine for Formula 1 is now a hybrid V6 engine

      Formula E is a thing. All electric racing circuit.

      American auto racing is all gasoline, but America is not all of auto racing.

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      • Dennis Cole says:

        OK, this time it stuck, but wtf?


      • tengrain says:

        Both of you loaded your comments up with links, and WP flagged it for moderation because that’s what a spammer does.

        Though it may seem like it, I’m not always online. Sorry for the delay in approving your comments.



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      • Dennis Cole says:

        Hey, I didn’t get to tell you guys about my new e bike; It will go 0 – 15 in 1.05 seconds, (so far,) and it’s an A #1 kick in the pants to ride! (swidt?) It has both modes, “pedal-assist,” and “thumb-throttle,” but it works best in just assist mode, which has 5 levels. So, with an 8-ring cassette being helped by the motorized “hub”, I essentially have a 50-speed Continually-variable “transmission,” and the motor doesn’t kick in until the pedals make at least one-half revolution, at which point, it’s “Hold on for dear life!”

        From then on, it’s just a matter of selecting a pace, or cadence, that goes from just moseying along, to full-out boogie, topping out at 25 mph, and the hills I’ve encountered so far have been a breeze to climb. I have pics of it, from when it first arrived, and I assembled it, but none of me on it, or near it, but soon I will, and since I can’t post the directly to here, I’ll have to tweet or email to TG, who I’m sure wouldn’t mind sharing with the rest of you.

        If you’d like to see it, and read the specs on it, here’s the site: Mine is the “Flow” model, in the smoke color scheme; notice the swept-back handlebars, which persuade the rider to sit upright. It’s about THE most comfortable bike I’ve ever ridden, and it’s like buying a 2nd car; I have panniers in which to bring home the bacon, and I’ve been all over town on it.

        The only drawback is the weight – fully-laden, with both sets of locks, it weighs about 75 lbs – which is great, once you get up to cruising speed, as it really stable, but once you’re stopped, it sucks to have to push it around obstacles.

        If anyone wants more info, please feel free to contact me via email, through TG, (iffen he don’t mind being a “cutout,” and I’ll be happy to share the over 200 hrs of research I put into investigating, comparing, and then on how to dither between your Top 3.


      • MDavis says:

        When my posts were getting flagged there was a brief notice saying so when I posted.
        Then the death threats stopped. Allegedly.


  5. roket says:

    Good thing Possum Holler is already boycotting baseball & football because of all this kneeling business. They will probably have parties when the professional athletes start croaking. After all, they luvs to get their hate on. It is their nature.

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