(UPDATED) BREAKING: The GOP Only Want To Kinda Evict You

Moscow Mitch
(H/T Raw Story via Skinny Dennis)

You cannot make up stuff like this:

Senate Republicans’ coronavirus relief proposal will include a provision to cut federal weekly unemployment benefits from $600 to $200, the Washington Post reports, citing two people familiar with the plan…

  • Republicans have said they are opposed to extending the $600 benefits because they believe it disincentives some Americans from returning to work, where their wages may be lower than what they receive on unemployment.

You know, maybe the problem is that Americans are underpaid if you really think that this is influencing everyone to stay home from the jobs that don’t exist, or be killed by the Trump-Virus.

So much eff’ing winning, amiright?

UPDATE 1: I told ya so

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9 Responses to (UPDATED) BREAKING: The GOP Only Want To Kinda Evict You

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    RUSHVILLE — Have you ever wondered how many days per year our elected representatives in Congress work! Well, I checked it out. The average number of days Congress is in session since 2001 is only 138 days per year. That’s fewer than three days per week! It actually figures out to be one day in three. The rest of the of the population works, on average, 246 days each year, minus two weeks for vacation. Now, for being in session only 138 days each year, they’re paid $174,000! That’s three times more money than the median household earns in this country!

    To break it down even further, the average hourly wage in this country is $26.43 per hour. For members of Congress the average hourly wage is a little more than $157.00 per hour for the time they’re in session!

    So THEY expect us to pay THEM to sit at home more days than they actually work, at a salary 5 times the rest of us make, on average, but we’re supposed to rely on our “rugged individualism” to help ourselves.

    I would begin elevating myself and my condition by the upward tugging on my bootstraps……..but it seems I used them for a soup stock just yesterday…

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    I forgot the fallen-down dunce caps that make it an active link, TG; would you mind a quick fix?

    [Tengrain was here! — I think I fixed it.]


  3. osirisopto says:

    How dare you impugn the character of our fine Republican representatives, T.G.?

    They want to strip our dead bodies, sell the clothes, and render us down for the gold in our teeth.

    If you think that’s bad wait until you hear what they have in mind for the girls and boys.

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  4. revzafod says:

    F*ck all Republicans with any large rusty implement you happen to have handy, sideways, of course.

    BTW, I happen to be able to weather everything with no financial pain and am also helping a couple of younger friends, and If I wouldn’t be 80 before the end of the year, I’d be out there kicking ass as a Vietnam vet like those in Portland.

    My only caveat was expressed by Charlie Pierce today, who said that the protesters need to stop the damage or Hair Drumpf wins.


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  5. roket says:

    Anyone bother to read the GOP explainer for their liability protection proposal? You should really take a gander. Here’s an example:

    Part 4 – Labor and Employment
    11181 – Application of Federal Laws.
    This section protects employers from liability under federal labor and employment laws – including the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title II of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA), and Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), for actions taken to comply with coronavirus-related public-health guidance and regulations.

    This section further protects from liability under the ADA and Civil Rights Act of 1964 businesses and employers who cannot offer requested accommodations because they would pose a serious risk to public health.


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    • Dennis Cole says:

      roket – unfuckingbelievable! WTF are they thinking?!?! Do they have any idea what 30 mil to 40 million citizens (or more!) will do when they have no other choice than to riot, when they’re homeless, starving, and so many around them are dying? Guillotines would be a nicety at that point, and there simply aren’t enough military personnel to quell an uprising that size, let alone any hoosegows large enough to contain them, even if you filled every sports stadium in the country.

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