PSA: The Exciting Conclusion of the 2020 Goat Rodeo is 100 Days Away

Just do it!

Guys, in about 100 days is election day. I know, I know, might as well be 100 years, but for reals, in 100 days our long national nightmare could be over. It’s up to you to end it.

And that’s why I’m asking everyone who reads this blog to please check your voter registration again (especially if you are living in a Red State) to make sure that it is up-to-date.

And as long as you are on your state’s Secretary of State web page checking your voter registration, also request an absentee ballot. (UPDATE – The God Save Whatevs people have a tool for requesting absentee ballots from every state.)

Do it today, don’t wait.

Some states are going to start sending out Absentee ballots within the next 40 or say days. (Hi, North Carolina! How are you doin’?) The sooner you get these ballots in your filthy, hippie, paws the less chance that the Republicans will have to eff with your right to vote them out of office.

Pro-tip: check your state ID (driver’s license or whatevs) to see how your official signature looks. Make sure you use the exact same signature when signing your absentee ballot — it is what they will use to either accept or reject your ballot.

We know that The Russian Usurper is doing everything he can to eff with the USPS, so when you do get your ballot complete it and mail it back ASAP. Don’t dilly. The rules in the states about postmark dates are all over the place, don’t take a chance: return your ballot early. (Also, the more the early ballots are counted, the sooner the results will be announced.) — And need I say that Lord Damp Nut is going to scream that the election was rigged if the ballots come in late.

Some good news because I know we need it:

1. This is the rare election not about the economy

2. That said, Trump’s approval rating is really bad

3. A Trump win is still within the margin of error

4. Biden’s advantage in the electoral college is clear

5. This election looks nothing like 2016

— Harry Enten, CNN

I’m not bothering with national polls, we’ve been fooled before, and the popular vote is meaningless. We need to organize and treat this election like we are 10-points underwater. Talk/Zoom with everyone you can and get them as organized as you are. Take nothing for granted.

Thanks for all you do! — Tengrain

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8 Responses to PSA: The Exciting Conclusion of the 2020 Goat Rodeo is 100 Days Away

  1. Stony Pillow says: is your one stop shop for checking your voter registration NOW. It takes less than a minute, even for a hunt-and-peck typist. They also have links for requesting absentee ballots. Downside — they do send organizational emails, but the unsubscribe/opt-out at the bottom of the spam they send does work.

    One of the necessary steps to wipe out the Republicans is to get those votes in. The later ones might (will) be either intercepted or delayed by the goons so they arrive after Nov. 3, but the early ones will already be at the county Board of Elections. Ours have to get in before the fuckery begins.

    A side note: I live in one of the nine idiot states where you need a reason to request an absentee ballot. I don’t qualify directly under any one of the 11 acceptable reasons in my state. But coincidentally, I’m planning to be on vacation for the first couple of days in November. I do believe that, after my absentee ballot has been signed, sealed, and delivered, I just might change my mind about that vacation. As legal as church on Sunday in each and every one of those 9 states.

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    • Stony Pillow says:

      The advice about signatures is great and really valid, but the goons are going to have dozens of ways to screw with our mail-in ballots. In the New York primary this year, over 10,000 ballots were invalidated for dozens of reasons.

      One of the biggest reasons was the lack of a postmark on ballots that were received after the cutoff date, even if they were properly sent on time. Another great reason to mail it in early, so postmarks don’t matter.

      Absentee ballots aren’t too complicated, but you have to follow the directions exactly, no mistakes.

      I’d like to see 50 sets of instructional YouTube videos, one set for each state, which go through the absentee voting process with an actual ballot in hand. The first in each set going through the preparations and instuctions for filling out the ballot (DO THE BALLOT ITSELF IN PENCIL!), and the second being a checklist of potential problems to double-check before sealing the envelope. For extra credit, dubbing in Spanish and other languages.

      Around 200 million Americans have accessed a YouTube this year, including over 80% of voters under 25, and over half of voters over 55 years of age. Everyone can learn how to do it by watching a YouTube. I’ve even conquered house plumbing issues by watching videos (utterly amazed the missus, who had given up on my lack of plumbing skills decades ago).

      This year, first and foremost, we get out ALL of our voters.


    • Richard Portman says:

      Thank you for linking to i went there to check. They could not confirm that i am registered, but directed me to my State, which is Utah. According to Utah i am a registered voter and will receive my mail- in ballots. I’m registered as a Democrat, so won’t receive ballots for Republican primaries. That’s ok, these days i wouldn’t vote for any of them anyway. Mail-in voting has worked well for Utah.
      It only took a couple minutes to check. Do it, just in case.


  2. …in 100 days our long national nightmare could be over.

    The 78 days between November 4th and January 21st will be the most dangerous in the history of the republic. The rats will be well and try cornered. The damage a lame duck president could cause could be catastrophic, especially if there’s a lame duck senate to aid and abet him.

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    • Infidel753 says:

      One does what one can. The Democratic party has an army of lawyers and a stockpile of money ready to fight back against any attempted shenanigans. And if we win the election and the Republicans try to fuck with things, the outpouring of furious people in the streets will dwarf even the Women’s Marches in 2017. In the end we may need to go out ourselves and save our own democracy. I’ll be out there too, if it comes to that.

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    • beckymaenot says:

      ^^^THIS! I have been saying this and saying this- out loud and also muttering sometimes.

      Mr. Becks thinks once Dolt45 loses- the GOP will band together against him and 25th / or impeach him so that they can say they took control of the sitch and saved the day. Mr and I disagree here- I think they will double down and finish as much of their wretched business that they can before Jan 2021. I think they will burn the rest of it down on the way out the door. He thinks their preservation instincts will kick in. I do not- I think they are greedy assholes who will continue to pocket as much as they can for as long as they can.


  3. Weird Dave says:

    Another safe (at least as far as I am concerned) and secure alternative is early voting, especially at off hours. No mail-in shenanigans and I am then free to completely ignore the last two weeks of pre-election noise.

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