Housekeeping Note

Guys –

I’m hosting the morning link round-up at Crooks and Liars this week and I really need your help! You see, my pal Batocchio used-up a lot of great blogs this past week (that rat bastard! Kidding. Not Kidding…) and I’m going to need my best editors to make suggestions!

(Hint: that’s you mugs)

So… if you read or write something great this week (that’s also a hint) tip me off:

Tengrain AT mockpaperscissors DOT com — Put MBRU in the subject line, so I know to look for it.

Remember, I always liked you best!

As I am the blogfather of all small blogs, my usual preferences are for other small blogs. I love Digby, but she doesn’t need a boost. I cannot promise that I will use whatever you send me, but I do promise to read everything.

(In the past when you’ve tipped me, I’ve used almost everything. Have I told you that you’re the best editors?)



[turning off comments so you won’t be tempted to put something here and spoiling the fun for everyone.]

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