Comrade Stupid Is Bringing the Culture Wars to the ‘Burbs

“A Strong Man for Troubled Times”

Prznint Stupid’s 2020 Goat Rodeo campaign is injecting its Kibbles & Bits, er, Law and Order message directly to middle America, trying to link old handsome Joe Biden to anarchy in the streets. Because when one thinks of Biden, one thinks of radicalism, amirite? Prznint Adderall is snorting his own supply, but I digress. It’s a tough message to sell because Lord Damp Nut is in the White House as the country is burning down in protests.


Donald Trump says Joe Biden wants to abolish the suburbs. But polls show a different truth: The suburbs want to abolish Donald Trump.

If current numbers hold, the Republican Party will suffer its worst defeat in the suburbs in decades — with implications reaching far beyond November.

It was in the suburbs two years ago that Democrats built their House majority, ripping through Republican-held territory across the country, from Minnesota and Texas to Georgia, Virginia and Illinois.

Over at Vanity Fair, Peter Hamby has an excellent piece up that fills in some of the blanks (it is probably behind the paywall):

Shortly after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25, the Democratic research firm Avalanche went into nine battleground states—Arizona, Colorado, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Georgia, North Carolina, Iowa, and Pennsylvania—to measure how segments of Americans were reacting to the protests. Unlike most pollsters at the time, Avalanche surveyed two large back-to-back samples of 6,986 registered and unregistered total voters—one on June 1 and a second on June 10 and 11—allowing it to track how sentiments changed during what might have been the most consequential chapter of the protests. Like most polls, Avalanche found widespread support for the protests by June 11, with 68% of respondents saying the protesters were “completely right” or “somewhat right.” But rather than measuring responses by self-identified partisanship—Democrat, Republican, independent—Avalanche measured by vote choice. It organized respondents into five segments: Vote Trump, Lean Trump, Mixed Feelings, Lean Biden, and Vote Biden.

This sampling is important, as we’ll see.

Avalanche found resounding support for the protests not just among Biden supporters, but among persuadable voters and even soft Trump supporters. The hardcore Vote Trump respondents were against the protests, with 56% opposing them. But among the softer Lean Trump set, an eye-opening 59% said the protesters were “completely right” or “somewhat right”—probably not what the president had in mind when he commandeered Lafayette Square. And 72% of Americans with Mixed Feelings about the presidential race—precious undecided voters—said the protesters were right too. “There’s not a lot of issues where you get even a strong majority of Americans on the same page,” said Michiah Prull, the CEO of Avalanche. “It speaks to that historic moment, and it speaks to a degree of national alignment on something that’s honestly pretty rare these days.”

Hamby continues:

But just as remarkable were the shifts among those persuadables in the 10 days between June 1 and June 11, a window that opened with burning cities and Trump’s march to St. John’s Church, but concluded with mostly peaceful demonstrations nationwide. During that period Avalanche found that support for the protests grew 10 points among Mixed Feelings voters, 14 points among Lean Biden voters, and a head-spinning 25 points among Lean Trump voters. “I had never in my research career seen public opinion shift on the scale in this time frame,” Prull said. “When we look at this from electoral context, when you see a 25-point swing in Lean Trump supporters from disapproving of the protests to at least somewhat agreeing with them, that’s just a scale of public opinion shift you don’t see in this line of work very often.”

One way of thinking about it is that Prznint Stupid persuaded the Persaudable Voters… against himself.

Trump’s strongman performance on June 1 did almost nothing to turn public opinion against the demonstrations. Instead it likely backfired. “Between those two dates, the big driver that I see is the protests becoming larger and even more peaceful each day,” Prull told me. “The story was being told by people who are being hurt by police every day, and the empathy with that, and frankly the reasonableness of that, was breaking through. And then the president tear-gassing protestors outside the White House lawn, I think, was a nontrivial part of this. You had the draconian response of the government, and then the protests just seemed even more reasonable when it was a bunch of regular people being tear-gassed in the middle of Washington D.C. for the sake of a photo op.”

It’s a very worthwhile read.

The point here is that Hair Füror’s understanding of the suburbs is sort of fixed in the 1950s & ’60s  white flight and the culture has moved on. The iconic Civil Rights-era photographs of setting loose the dogs and blasting Black protestors with water canons are not a good look to suburban America. He’s giving them the updated version with his Gestapo attacks on people who look like themselves.

UPDATE 1: I’m always late to the party, but sooner or later I catch the bus.

It just occurred to me that Lord Damp Nut is punching-back. He sees these protest as being against himself, so he feels obligated to lash-out, or he’ll be a loser.

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7 Responses to Comrade Stupid Is Bringing the Culture Wars to the ‘Burbs

  1. spotthedog says:

    You hear that, all you Portland moms? Joe Biden wants to abolish the suburbs!


  2. roket says:

    This is what happens when you’re willing to settle for a large orange hope instead of the great white hope that has been prophesied.

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  3. osirisopto says:

    I think they’ve vastly overestimated the number of white supremacists that will survive long enough to vote.


  4. Dennis Cole says:

    The noose is slowly drawing tighter, the flopsweat is so voluminous as to resemble Niagara, so lil donny has no other choice – he absitively, posolutely MUST stop the election. After all, what’s left? His threats,to “pour 50,000, even 60,000 well-trained and heavily armed Fed goons, er, Troops into every major City in America, these are terrific guys, they know how to fight, how to dish it out, and those protesters are going to be very, very sorry…”? Mere bluster, I’ll bet.~

    But with Big Bully Billy (Low) Barr in charge of almost every single Federal Law Enforcement Officer in the country, how the Laws get “faithfully executed” so far has been by either Lethal Injection, poisoning, or Shock & Awe. [ED. – Don’t forget hanging in solitary confinement. –TG] So long as a multitude of Congressional safeguards and Rights are done away with, along with all the regulations constraining Big Bizzyness, Big Oil, and just about anyone out to rape the Wilderness for Fun & Profit, as long as the kickbacks keep comin.

    ~(Unless ICE, CBP, DHS and the US Marshalls all had a major recruiting drive while our attention was drawn elsewhere, or if they “Deputized” Bikers for tRump, but even then, I just don’t see more than fifty or sixty thousand TOTAL.)


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