Ah Don’t Thank So!

He’s so good at this routine.

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4 Responses to Ah Don’t Thank So!

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    He’s OK, I get him, and he uses his “distractions” as a part of his shtick, which is fine, holler at the kids, we who have (had) them know what’s what. But when I first saw him I was gonna instantly dislike him, which made me pause, because I could detect an undercurrent of Snark, so I’m glad I did, but in small doses, and only occasionally.

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  2. angrysapittle says:

    That is awesome! Totally destroys the whackos in this nation. Burns them to the ground.

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  3. Roel says:

    “Great Value version of the flu.” Mwahahahahaha!


  4. Karla says:

    Every time I see him post a new video on the tweeters, I read the comments to see how many people think he’s serious. That’s half the fun.


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