Stimulate This: Rudderless Republicans in Dissaray

Mitch McConnell’s plans go boom.

Bullshit Barbie has a scold for the many states that returned to bidness as usual too early:

“Some of these states blew through our criteria, blew through our phases and they opened up some of the industries a little too quickly, like bars,” Conway told reporters outside of the White House Wednesday…
“Remember, the governors wanted complete latitude over when they would open their states,” Conway said. “They pushed back heavily, handsomely, Republicans and Democrats, when it was falsely rumored that the President was going to be in charge of opening the states. He’s a federalist. He believes in states’ rights.”

Even the Russian judges were stunned with the amount of gaslighting and give it an 11!

American filed 1.4 million new unemployment claims last week, making it 18-weeks straight of claims exceeding 1M new unemployed.

The federal eviction moratorium expires TODAY, and the 4th Reich has said “Nyet” to a short-term extension of expanded unemployment benefits to keep renters from losing their homes while Republicans try to reach agreement amongst, well, themselves

Let’s stare in wonder as the Rudderless Republicans dither, mewl, and bleat!

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) morning email thingie:

STIMULUS SETBACK The Senate left town for the weekend without the GOP releasing their proposal for a coronavirus recovery package — and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said its introduction will slip to next week. The reason? Well, after a week of internal bickering, the White House and GOP have struggled to coalesce around a broad relief package. And in a sign of how well things are going, lawmakers apparently spent more time talking about alligator soup than the coronavirus negotiations during yesterday’s GOP lunch.

Keep in mind, this is just the GOP’s opening offering — we haven’t even gotten to the tougher negotiations with Democrats yet. So if Republicans can’t even agree on their own proposal, how are they supposed to quickly cut a deal with Democrats? The flailing almost guarantees that the enhanced unemployment benefits will expire next week. Or, as Marianne and Bres write, “Senate Republicans and the White House wasted a week at the worst possible time.” The dispatch:

So, what are the sticking points? From Bres and Marianne: “The main area of dispute was over extension of federal unemployment assistance for workers that have lost their jobs as the United States economy shut down in response to the coronavirus pandemic. … Beyond the snafu over unemployment payments, there were other differences among Senate Republicans and the White House that took days to iron out. There will be no payroll tax cut sought by Trump in the new plan.” More on what’s in — and not in — the emerging bill:

Another potential hang-up, per WaPo: “Complicating matters, the White House renewed its push for language related to the location of the Federal Bureau of Investigation building in downtown Washington — which is cater-cornered from Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Ave NW — according to two people with knowledge of the talks who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss them. Trump has expressed interest in the location of the FBI’s headquarters for some time.” The deets from Erica Werner, Seung Min Kim and Jeff Stein:

Related read: “McConnell’s Stimulus Waiting Game Turns Into Race Against Clock,” by Bloomberg’s Steven T. Dennis:

WSJ(!) rips the Republicans a new hole:

A Phase-Four Flop

“As Washington debates how many more trillions of dollars to borrow and spend, we are in a familiar political spot…

“The Senate GOP’s draft proposals contain Covid-specific liability protection for businesses that reopen. That would help, assuming it isn’t watered down in negotiations with Democrats. More money for testing and health care is arguably pro-growth if it helps Americans feel more secure in returning to work and school. That’s about it on the supply-side. … The rest of the GOP proposal is a $1 trillion spending bonanza on all and sundry. …

… Republicans have no discernible economic agenda beyond paying people to feel better during the pandemic. They need to offer voters alternative policies that would return the economy in 2021 to its pre-Covid prosperity. That should be their phase-four offer. If Democrats reject it, as they probably would, then take it to the voters. As of now Republicans are running as Pelosi Lite.”

I have no idea how this is going to end, but I suspect that as Possum Hollar gets their eviction notices, and gather up their pitchforks and torches, they won’t find #MoscowMitch at home in his shell.

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15 Responses to Stimulate This: Rudderless Republicans in Dissaray

  1. … Republicans have no discernible economic agenda beyond paying people to feel better during the pandemic.

    Apparently, now eating and having a roof over your head is a luxury, to make you ‘feel better’.

    1.4 million NEW APPLICATIONS for unemployment THIS WEEK.

    That’s over 2x the number at the WORST of the Great Recession.

    Right now the Ghost of Marie Antoinette is looking at the WSJ editorial board and saying “Whoah, dudes, that’s harsh!”

    Just a reminder:

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  2. Redhand says:

    The remarkable thing is to compare this sudden concern with budgets to their trillion-dollar tax cut for the 1% a couple of years ago. Why anyone thinks that the GOP stands for anything other than the super-rich is a mystery to me.

    It would be some fine irony if the Kentucky sheep vote Moscow Mitch out when they finally realize that they are being sheared and exposed to the elements in the middle of an arctic winter (metaphorically speaking).

    I guess we’ll have to see just how stupid the people of Kentucky are when it comes to voting their own pocketbooks. I’m not optimistic about them.

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    • tengrain says:

      Redhand –

      I dunno.

      those people would do anything to pwn the libs, including killing themselves over not wearing a facemask.



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    • there is a secret part of me that wants Mitch to win, while the senate goes democratic so that we can all just laugh at him when has ZERO power to do anything except complain that the democrats only spend – especially if chuck chucks the filibuster (which is far from a done deal)

      all in all i rather him lose so he and Elaine can enjoy the fruits of all the money they grifted —
      maybe in Wuhan

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      • Redhand says:

        there is a secret part of me that wants Mitch to win, while the senate goes democratic so that we can all just laugh at him when has ZERO power to do anything except complain that the democrats only spend

        If he does as Senate Minority Leader, my fantasy is that the first order of business after the Senate convenes is a motion to censure the sonofabitch for the Merrick Garland affair. I would love to see him publicly shamed in this way.


      • tengrain says:

        I just want a pay-per-view of Putin’s door-to-door perfume salesmen giving him the ol’ sampler.




  3. roket says:

    That fine kettle of Alligator Soup they find themselves in is getting warmer. [See Boiling Frog]

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  4. osirisopto says:

    CT time…

    I remember a time in 2016 when the MHSG was bragging about how many houses he bought during the great recession, how rich it made him, and how everyone should admire him for being a bottom-feeder.

    If you look at what’s happening in the United States right now through that filter you’ll probably see (as I do) the end of the eviction moratorium, and the astronomical unemployment numbers are a feature, not a bug. Ever since Regan Americans have been convinced that housing is a financial vehicle – a way to build wealth – not a security issue. People have dumped incredible amounts of money on leveraged housing with the intent of increasing it’s value as much as possible, cashing out and moving on to the next heavily leveraged deal. The seeds were planted long ago, the crop was tended, and now it’s time for the harvest. The people in charge of this country couldn’t care less how many proles have to die, or how they die as long as it puts one more shiny, new nickel in their pocket.

    (Boy, am I in a bad mood this morning.)

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  5. MaxK says:

    Didn’t a wealthy hotelier offer to buy the current FBI site to build a competitor to Trump’s Old Post Office cashbox? Once Trump is out of office, what reason will anyone have to stay there, especially if there’s a nice place across the street?


    • tengrain says:

      I don’t recall that MaxK, but I agree with your assessment about Grifters’ Inn DC, and I think that the Trump Crime Family does too: they are trying to unload the DC hotel to no avail.




  6. MDavis says:

    “Some of these states blew through our criteria, blew through our phases and they opened up some of the industries a little too quickly, like bars,” Conway told reporters…
    Holy crap, batman! What did I just read, here?
    The way I remember it, LDN couldn’t even let his epidemic experts speak without jumping in and saying something different. He totally claimed every other day that he’d tell the states when to open back up. Of course, on the other days he’d go back to saying the states were in control of it.
    File this under the difference between lies and bs.


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