So Much Winning (I’m Tired)

CosPlaying the Candy Striper and the Doctor again? (Hat tip: Scissorhead Skinny-D)


Axios Alert:

The number of U.S. coronavirus cases exceeded 4 million on Thursday, Johns Hopkins data illustrates.

Why it matters: President Trump is pushing to reopen schools and return the U.S. economy to pre-pandemic normalcy. But infection numbers are rising and coronavirus hospitalizations have surgednationwide, adding to the pressure of a health care system that’s been under immense strain for months. More than 143,000 Americans have died to date from COVID-19.

Lord Damp Nut is going to kill us all, one way or another.

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7 Responses to So Much Winning (I’m Tired)

  1. Took us 99 days from 0 to one million. Going from 3 to 4 took 15.

    The pandemic is completely out of control in some parts of the country because the dumb motherfuckers won’t wear masks because Head dumb motherfucker has turned it into a tribal badge not a fucking publick health measure.

    LDN ain’t gonna kill us all, the movement that spawned him is, the GOP “Fuck off, Jack, I got mine” complete socioopathic selfishness is what’s killing us.

    Saw an emergency doc from Hildago County last night on the news. All their ICU beds are full, everywhere.

    Reporter asked the doc “What happens if somone comes into the ER needing to be put in an ICU bed?”

    Doc: “They have to wait until someone dies.”

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    • tengrain says:

      And wait until the dying starts to catch up with the infection numbers. Some percentage of those 4M people are going to die, and even if it is only 1%, that 40,000 people that might die. And you can bet it will be more than 1%.

      We’re totally eff’ed in the dark




      • roket says:

        The World’s mortality rate is currently 4.1%. The current US mortality rate is 3.5%. FL 7-day moving average of daily deaths reached 10,855 on 7/13/20 On 7/22/20 it had risen to 11,116/day. Odds are that 3.5% mortality rate is effed in the dark.


    • beckymaenot says:

      I feel your rage BDR. I can’t get away from it. We should all remember this- someday- they MUST be held to account.


  2. Dennis Cole says:

    He’s out to make the Yugest historical impact of ANY Preznit, ever, in history, first by accomplishing more than any other administration before his, and then by dragging the country into such divisive conflicts that we may have to fight our way out, literally, thereby causing and inflicting THE most damage on the citizenry as has ever been seen or noted, resulting in Civil War 2.0


  3. julesmomcat says:

    “Lord Damp Nut is going to kill us all, one way or another.”
    ‘Twill make it so much easier for his Gestapo troops to control the remaining citizenry.

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    • roket says:

      Unless, of course, the Rona pays a visit to the He-Man-Woman-Haters-Gestapo-Clubhouse and Gun Store (Brink the kids!) where masks are discouraged, I’m sure.

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