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Pee Wee Hermann Goering (image credit: Twitter)

At least Hair Füror’s Pocket Nazi, the ghoulish Stephan Miller, is consistently evil:

This month, Stephen Miller, the extremist anti-immigrant Trump adviser who has promoted white nationalist ideas, lost a relative to the coronavirus pandemic, and his uncle tells Mother Jones that the Trump administration is partly to blame for this death.

On July 4, David Glosser, the brother of Miller’s mother, posted a Facebook note announcing the death of his mother, Ruth Glosser, who was Miller’s maternal grandmother:

This morning my mother, Ruth Glosser, died of the late effects of COVID-19 like so many thousands of other people; both young and old. She survived the acute infection but was left with lung and neurological damage that destroyed her will to eat and her ability to breathe well enough to sustain arousal and consciousness. Over an 8-week period she gradually slipped away and died peacefully this morning.

A terrible tragedy. Now, lest you think PeeWee Hermann Goering’s entire family is monsterous:

David Glosser is a retired neuropsychologist and passionate Trump critic who has publicly decried Miller for his anti-immigrant policies, and he contends that Trump’s initial “lack of a response” to the coronavirus crisis led to the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans who might have otherwise survived. In an interview, he says, “With the death of my mother, I’m angry and outraged at [Miller] directly and the administration he has devoted his energy to supporting.”

Of course, someone at the Fourth Reich cough named Miller cough responded to Mother Jones for comment [insert a horse whinnying here]:

“This is categorically false, and a disgusting use of so-called journalism when the family deserves privacy to mourn the loss of a loved one. His grandmother did not pass away from COVID. She was diagnosed with COVID in March and passed away in July so that timeline does not add up at all. His grandmother died peacefully in her sleep from old age. I would hope that you would choose not to go down this road.”

Funny how it doesn’t sound like him at all,  innit, including the high-pitched shriek that gets all the bats in the air? Must be someone else named Miller. [Insert a horse whinnying here.]

And so Uncle David had to respond:

“Keeping the tragic facts about COVID deaths of our countrymen and women, young and old, from the American public serves no purpose other than to obscure the need for a coherent national, scientifically based, public health response to save others from this disease. My mother led a long, satisfying, productive life of family and community service. She had nothing to be ashamed of, and concealing her cause of death to offer ‘privacy’ to me, our family, her hundreds of relatives and friends, does nothing to assuage our regret at her loss.”

And then Uncle Dave gave to Mother Jones a copy of the Death Certificate:

Moreover, Ruth Glosser’s death certificate—which her son shared with Mother Jones—lists her cause of death as “respiratory arrest” resulting from “COVID-19.”

The White House spokesperson cough Miller cough responded AGAIN!!! [Insert horse whinnying here, too. Also. Again.]

Informed that Ruth Glosser’s death certificate cited COVID-19, the White House spokesperson replied, “Again, this is categorically false. She had a mile [sic] case of COVID-19 in March. She was never hospitalized and made a full and quick recovery.”

I’m sure Miller is working on deporting deporting Uncle Dave, somehow.


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12 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    There are no mild cases of COVID-19, the virus does long-term damage even to people who recover from it. Also, I get a sense that Miller’s unique awfulness is a form of rebellion against the rest of his family, all decent people by any account I’ve read.

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  2. roket says:

    Hair Füror’s Pocket Nazi associates with known criminals. Categorically

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  3. spotthedog says:

    Boy, the concern for family privacy is obvious by the way he persists in perpetuating a public debate about his grandmother’s cause of death, and – disputing the death certificate – what an ass!

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  4. purplehead says:

    The Pocket Nazi is a great grandson of Jewish immigrants who fled the pogroms in Russian at the turn of the last century. His Uncle David wrote about it a couple years ago. Pocket Nazi has “issues,” all right.

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    • MDavis says:

      It’s as though he’s obsessed about it and is attempting to replay history in a modern setting, but casting himself as one of the ruling class, a Cossack, a Nazi. I wonder if he would have benefited from the mental health facilities that Reagan closed.


  5. donnah says:

    There are “people” who walk this earth, seemingly a member of the human race, but who are actually soulless demons, devoid of heart and emotions. Stephen Miller is one of those. It’s why we don’t see him in daylight. He would combust.

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  6. Doug says:

    Really shouldn’t use Pee Wee’s name to compare to the the piece a crap that is Stephen Miller.
    Pee wee is actually a pretty good guy. Miller, not at all.

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    • R White says:

      Baby Goebbels is more fitting…

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    • MDavis says:

      Since he’s insisting on being a cartoon villain, can we pick a name from cartoon villainy? He looks more like Red Skull than Heydrich to me.
      Or maybe another evil Potter universe name to go with Vulgarmort? – Barty Crouch, Jr. was a nasty piece of work who pretended to be someone else in order to bring evil back to life, for example.
      Or go full-Discworld – Teatime, totally nuts and beyond repair. Scares even the people who have a use for him. Pronounced “Tee-ah-tehm-eh”, or else.


  7. Bruce388 says:

    If you’re insisting the death of your grandmother isn’t due to Covid-19 when it obviously is:
    You might be an asshole.

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  8. Karla says:

    Bonus points for the Frau Blucher reference. It’s quite fitting.

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