Matt Gaetz Goes From The Minors To the Majors! (Grifters Gotta Grift)

Matt Gaetz stinks on ice

That sharped-dressed man, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Floriduh), father of Cuban son Nestor (with whom he shares no blood), founding truther of the Wuhan Conspiracy, and gestapo-tactics enthusiast, is in the news again, and this time not for something colorful he said, or strange choice of accessories (See photo above, and recall the immortal words: “Heather always said you couldn’t accessorize for shit.”), drunk driving, or hanging out with Holocaust deniers.

No, this time, Gaetz did something more in the traditions of the Republican Party: it looks like he “misappropriated” taxpayer dollars to a company run by Darren Beattie who is yet another white supremacist-adjacent friend from the 4th Reich. And what service did our little bomb-thrower need from said Beattie?

The Florida Republican concedes that he improperly sent $28,000 in taxpayer funds to a limited liability company connected to the speech-writing consultant, Darren Beattie, a former White House aide who was ousted after appearing at a convention known as a forum for racist and white supremacist views. Gaetz’s aides said it was a clerical error that they are now working to reverse. House rules explicitly prohibit spending taxpayer dollars on speech-writing consultants.

Speech writing assistance for the guy who stormed a secure room to order pizza during the impeachment hearings? “Hold the anchovies,” is the sort of thing one pays $28K Ameros. Brilliant work, probably nominated for a Peabody or whatevs.

But wait! There’s more graft coming! (there’s always more)

In another possible violation, a private company installed a television studio in his father’s home in Niceville, Fla., which Gaetz uses when he appears on television. Taxpayers foot the bill to rent the television camera, and the private company that built the studio — which Gaetz refuses to identify — takes a fee each time he appears on air, his office said. It’s unclear how much it cost the private company to construct the studio.

Now, these questionable ethics violations are not the first time at the rodeo for our man Gaetz:

Gaetz’s spending has already been under review. The Office of Congressional Ethics recently dropped an investigation into Gaetz’s office rental agreement after POLITICO reported in April that he had rented his office in Pensacola, Fla., from a longtime friend, political donor and policy adviser. Both the friend — local businessman Collier Merrill — and Gaetz said the rental deal was hashed out privately and below market value.

I’m detecting a pattern.

Anyway, compared to Prznint Art of the Deal, Gaetz is just a talented amateur, but a boy has to start somewhere, and Gaetz certainly has the get-up-and-go that the Trump era calls for.

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7 Responses to Matt Gaetz Goes From The Minors To the Majors! (Grifters Gotta Grift)

  1. Robert Mcneilly says:

    1892 Berkmab Vs. Frick
    Public service reminder


  2. Robert Mcneilly says:



  3. Dennis Cole says:

    Poor Jim Wright @Stonekettle; he resides in Gaetz’s district.
    But if you follow his accounts of his Floridudian neighbors, it’s easy to understand why Matt getz to go to Wash, while someone with real abilities gets shunned every time.

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  4. R White says:

    This drunken frat-boy whose dark circles under his eyes give away a serious healthcare issue, knows that if accused of any wrongdoing, he like his mentor, dolt4.5, will whine to the media, deflect, deny and distract until the statue of limitations of his criminality have run out. And if that doesn’t work, pay off the aggrieved parties with laundered russian oligarch money…

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  5. roket says:

    Is Matt Gaetz adopted sonboi toy a chef, because old Matt there is putting on the pounds. Just like his fearful leader.


  6. sos says:

    When your get-up and Gaetz has got to Gaetz-up and grift.


  7. Redhand says:

    So, the frat boy’s dad lives in “Niceville, Floor-duh.” I’ve been there, many times. Why? Well, my ex’s parents and my then in-laws retired there from the early 1970s until they passed away in the first decade of the current century. Properly speaking, they retired in the “Twin City” of Valparaiso, Florida. However, the two places are contiguous and virtually indistinguishable.

    I forget when Niceville acquired its current name, but you will be amused to learn that its previous name was “Boggy Bayou.” Both towns are located near Eglin Air Force Base, which is a major military installation in Florida.

    The big sophisticated town located near Valparaiso-Niceville is Fort Walton Beach on the Gulf Coast’s so-called “Miracle Strip.” Located halfway between the Florida Panhandle Gulf Coast town of Panama City to the east and Pensacola to the West, you could say that this area is smack dab in the middle of the Redneck Riviera, which is what the whole Florida Panhandle Gulf Coast area is called.

    I wish I could describe for you folks fully just how culturally barren this part of America is. Let’s just say that Waffle House is perhaps your best bet for breakfast, and I spent more than one dead Saturday Night with the wife and mother-in-law playing bingo at the local VFW Hall. “Good Bingo!

    In a way, knowing that the frat boy’s dad lives in Niceville tells you everything you really need to know about the frat boy himself. He is a Congressional representative of one of the premier cultural wastelands of the United States.

    My attitude towards this area is summed up by a line from a favorite Talking Heads song, “The Big Country.” Call me a “coastal elite,” but “I wouldn’t live there if you paid me, Sir.


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