Great Messaging, Cont.

(H/T Jenny Lawson via Scissorhead Dennis Cole & The Blogess)

It’s as if 2020 finally got to Marie Kondo: EFF IT IF IT DOESN’T SPARK JOY, YOU BASTARDS!

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2 Responses to Great Messaging, Cont.

  1. 2020 is gonna be relegated to that battered cardboard box marked “FREE” at the curb three days after the yard sale when there’s three tattered religious texts, a couple sketchy used pans, and a broken eggbeater left inside.

    (and yes, I’m one of the cheapskates that ALWAYS checks those’FREE’ boxes and piles of junk valuable salvage along the side of the road 🙂

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    Thanks, TG! It got an outstanding welcome, and shared further on from my FB Page, and it’s now, without a doubt, swirling throughout cyber-space. And I hope you don’t mind if I mention that she was able to achieve her lifelong dream of owning a bookstore – right when the pandemic hit. You can browse it virtually, and buy books, or all kinds of hand-crafted items she and her friends make.

    If it wasn’t for the heat, I bet I could pretty much tolerate Austin, TX


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