Simpleton Proposes Simple Solution to Unemployment

The job market for ex-mimes is what drove Ted Cruz into politics

Former unemployed mime and current US Senator Ted Cruz proves to us again that he’s a summabitch:

There are no jobs for us to go back to, Ted. That’s the problem. Go back to miming.


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  2. Steve-O says:

    And if we are making more on unemployment (and I definitely am) than I did on my job as an independent contractor, it isn’t that I’m lazy, it’s that the jobs reinforce poverty.
    Oh yeah, and my usual fall position was eliminated due to Covid-19, Simple Mime Man.

    Wait a minute- reading what he said once more before posting I have to wonder if he finally gets it: most jobs in this country pay for shit and it is terrible.
    Though I doubt it because Ted Cruz.

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  3. R White says:

    You know, $174k is good money for a cuban-canadian immigrant/failed lawyer like Raphael, who when he isn’t being a smarmy creep, is wasting our tax dollars by watching mommy porn while eating chef boyardee out of the can. FFS

    If only Beto had ignored the DNC’s calls for moving his platform to the center…

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  4. Sirius Lunacy says:

    Yes it IS terrible that the measly unemployment compensation is MORE than the the rich fat cat CEOs are paying people to actually work. You know, someone in Congress could probably do something about that!

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  5. Dennis Cole says:

    “Oh, Sayer-of-sooth, have ye the trooth? Flights of fancy, gone a-leap, but from those who KNOW………nary a peep.

    C’mon. Ted – you MUST need another pool boy, or lawn jockey-mowing type guy; put some money where your mouth wrote that check! FUCKING HIRE someone already!

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  6. osirisopto says:

    I don’t need to guess which part of the mine they were in when they acted this crap out, do I?

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  7. Karla says:

    So, here’s a thought… Wait, no, hear me out…
    What if we … raised … the minimum wage? So that when there are jobs to go back to, they pay enough to live off of?
    What do you think?

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  8. beckymaenot says:

    Cruz and the rest of his Republican cronies really resent the fact that so many people have been given a little bit of government cash to keep them afloat for the last 2 months. Doesn’t give a fuck that all those people will be back to eviction misery in exactly 9 days. Also- why doesn’t Cruz have anything to say about the billions (or was it trillions- I’ve lost count) of dollars given to corporations at the same time they offered this measly 2400 a month to the unemployed?

    These fucking people- getting a steady government salary- all the while doing absolutely NOTHING- certainly not their jobs. Fuck these assholes. What, exactly, do they think is going to happen when hospitals are overflowing, 25% of Americans can’t get a job, can’t pay the rent, can’t buy food, and can’t get medical care. What happens when the working poor and unemployed Americans finally decide that the 1789 Frenchies might have hit on a great solution for their poverty and social mobility problems?

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    • Dennis Cole says:

      beky – the one thing I’ve noticed, is they WON’T SAY WHY. WHY can’t we pay poor people to sit on their asses, like YOU like to do for all your rich donors? WHY do we have to be
      offended by this “misuse of public funds?” WHY do we have to rush right back into what is, essentially a “flaming inferno,” when it’s YOUR job to do so, to save American people? WHY are you so in favor of up-armored and heavily-armed Fed troops in our streets, to quell a few peaceful protesters? WHAT are you so afraid of?

      I know……’re a lily-livered, chicken-shit, worse-than-worthless politico, who knows nothing else but what your sponsors INSIST you “believe,” and therefore espouse in public, with, as Jim Wright likes to say, “no more consciousness than a dog licking its asshole in public.” And you know you’re going down, for the very last time, and it might be starting to hit you, that you’ll soon be naught but a speck in the public’s memory.

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  9. His new look is as disturbing as his comments are out of touch.


  10. MDavis says:

    I’m not listening to this schlub, and you can’t make me. But I’m going to assume, on extensive evidence, that he doesn’t mean the stagnant federal minimum wage should be addressed. Also, what’s he crying about when anyone on unemployment is paying taxes on that benefit? Also, I am betting that corporations getting the PP benefit aren’t paying taxes on it, so go after them, Zodiac Ted!


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