Who’s You’re Fired’ed Now? Campaign Mgr. Parscale, That’s Who!

So Much Winning

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Guys, remember this tweet:

…and we all know what happened to the Death Star, right?

Anyway, Lord Damp Nut has You’re Fired’ed Brad Parscale (actually, Jar-Jar You’re Fired’ed him), but don’t worry that the unemployment number is going up. Parscale knows too much having been the digital guy in 2016, and is the only person who knows where the bodies are buried, er, how the Death Star works, and you know, where the hookers are buried, er, the REAL way that Cambridge Analytic went down. So Parscale is going to keep on doin’ the Death Star and the new campaign manager is Bill Stepien, most famous for [checks notes] Chris Christie’s Bridgegate.

So Prznint Stupid has got all that workin’ for him.

Axios morning email thingie goes long, here’s a taste:

President Trump demoted campaign manager Brad Parscale and replaced him with his deputy, hours after a brutal new round of polls showed Trump losing five of six swing states — and sinking into a double-digit hole nationally.

  • Why it matters: Trump’s announcement — on Facebook, in the midst of a Twitter outage — shows that he knows he’s losing.
  • It’s obvious to all around him: All the data shows it. The family knows it. And with 110 days until the election, the president now admits it.

A recent spate of Fox News polls particularly infuriated Trump, Axios’ Alayna Treene hears.

  • One official said Trump still brings up a warning by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson last month that Trump “could well lose.”
  • Look for more changes to come.

Tiger Beat’s morning email thingie also leads with Parscale’s You’re Fired’ed’ing:

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP’S decision to replace BRAD PARSCALE as campaign manager is, at once, probably the most meaningful and meaningless move he can make.

— IT’S MEANINGFUL because PARSCALE was like the back of a shoe that keeps rubbing your ankle the wrong way — it just needs to be changed. He had been part of a single winning race — TRUMP’S 2016 presidential bid. BILL STEPIEN, the new campaign manager, is a seasoned hand who understands politics from more than just one experience.

— WHY IS IT MEANINGLESS? PARSCALE isn’t really the problem. TRUMP doesn’t listen to political advisers. He is still acting like he’s in the lead; the people around him tell him that polls will turn around once they define JOE BIDEN,who has been in public life for five decades; and he refuses to accept the reality that this campaign will not be waged like the last — he’s running against a much less unpopular figure than HILLARY CLINTON, and will have to adapt to the limitations of running in the era of Covid.

IN SHORT — this was the least surprising news of the week, yet its full impact depends on whether the president wants to accept the realities around him. JARED KUSHNER runs this campaign, and above him, there’s TRUMP. So the campaign manager is but a figurehead.

Oooookay, so Jar-Jar is in charge of this cluster-eff and it will conclude as successfully as a common Middle East Peace Plan?

NYTimes (Well, Maggie Haberman):

“Mr. Kushner, in a brief interview, described both Mr. Parscale and Mr. Stepien — both of whom he hired — as key pieces of the 2016 campaign as well as the current one. Mr. Parscale was a digital adviser in 2016. Mr. Stepien, who had been a top political adviser to Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, joined as the Trump campaign’s national field director in August 2016. …

“[F]or over a year, Mr. Parscale has been the focus of intense scrutiny and news coverage about his operation and whether he was making an outsize amount of money from the campaign. Those articles have focused attention on his purchases of property and cars in Florida, where he lives, and became a source of irritation for the president, who saw them as a distraction. Mr. Parscale was also visible in ways that campaign managers typically aren’t, appearing in a campaign ad and having his name listed on fund-raising events.”

That last paragraph is undoubtedly the real issue. Prznint Stupid doesn’t share well.

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15 Responses to Who’s You’re Fired’ed Now? Campaign Mgr. Parscale, That’s Who!

  1. R White says:

    Every time morally bankrupt conservatives try using pop-culture references to sound edgy or hip, it ends embarrassingly for all those involved. Maybe Lucas or Disney would issue a cease & desist order?

    Seriously, Parscale was a dead man walking after the embarrassing Tulsa rally fiasco. Him grifting off of Donny in the open was ballsy but stupid. No one in their right mind will schedule another rally since it’s been proven that fat nixon’s outrage material has gotten stale & boring for both the failed beltway media & his most lobotomized supporters.

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  2. R White says:

    Btw, that close-up of spanky is the stuff of nightmares…

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    • Bruce388 says:

      Besides the tidal wave of kickass videos slamming Lord Dampnut, Biden could just run ads with that photo along with a voice-over.

      Liked by 1 person

    • beckymaenot says:

      I have reflexive gagging every time I glimpse this asshole or hear his grating voice. And this photo- (shivers), ew.

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    • FELINE MAMA says:

      You’re sooo right, there, RW. Scared the cereal outta me !! TG, Not nice!!
      I’ve never seen such an UGLY face !! Enlarged. Those orange pores !
      Wait, what’s happening to my computer screen ?!! It’s doing all these Twilight Zone things!
      WTH!! Rod Serling has just come on sayin’ sumin’ about NOT attempting me to ……………!


  3. donnah says:

    Parscale was skimmin’ off the Boss’s take. That never ends well. And Parscale wasn’t fired, technically speaking, just reassigned. Wouldn’t want Brad running off to the newspeople with a disgruntled diatribe, now would we?

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  4. Buttermilk Sky says:

    His “book” will be on sale in time for Christmas.


  5. julesmomcat says:

    With Suckface, loyalty is a one-way street.


  6. Sirius Lunacy says:

    …and we all know what happened to the Death Star, right?

    I also know what happens if the Death Star fires successfully…
    …the world ends.

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  7. sos says:

    The Death Star was piston driven? I would have bet it was Wankel* powered.

    *Youngsters may have to look this up!


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