When the News is the News

MPS maintains that cancel culture is conservative groupspeak for refusing responsibility for their own words and deeds. It’s called consequences.

Today’s object lesson: the reprehensible Bari Weiss.

Vice tells us opinion writer conservative apparatchik Bari Weiss has quit the NYTimes, publishing a fuck-you letter of resignation on her website in which she cites being bullied by colleagues and not being supported by management.

Opinions differ:

Blaming cancel culture for quitting your own eff’ing job would’ve made a great NYTimes op-ed, Bari. You should write that!

Oh. Wait. You did.

Update 1: Tiger Beat’s after noon email thingie:

POST-BARI WEISS’ RESIGNATION, THE ZIONIST ORGANIZATION OF AMERICA is creating a hotline for Jews to “report cases of harassment” at the New York Times, to allow people to “receive legal guidance on how to defend themselves.” Release

Seeeeeriously, that is the perfect coda to this whole stupid story.

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6 Responses to When the News is the News

  1. YellowDog says:

    The phrase “cancel culture” is just right-wing projection. Conservatives have pushed boycotts and cancellations for years. Boycott the NFL. Cancel Murphy Brown. There are not consequences within their right-wing bubble–it’s a better socialist state than any Scandinavian country.

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  2. robginchicago says:

    I expect Bill Maher will invite Bari Weiss back to whine on his show when it returns at the end of this month. Maybe Ann Coulter too, if Bill can interest them in a threesome.


    • HarpoSnarx says:

      Yeah Billy still can’t quit Politically Incorrect . . . oh and Bari WHO?!


    • R White says:

      That seems to be Bill’s shtick over the last couple of years since he’s no longer funny or relevant with his aggressively centrist views. Promotes cheap sensationalism instead.


  3. mr perfect says:

    Never understood how she acquired her position with the NYT. To me, her opinions are so disingenuous that she comes across as a Tomi Lahren type without the blonde dye job and the firearm beside the baby maker.

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    • R White says:

      The same can be said as to how Bobo, Modo, Douchehat & bedbug Stephens all have lucrative spots on the slop-ed pages of the irrelevant grey lady.

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