Happy Hour News Briefs

Jeebus weeps

Jump for Jeebus! Our old pal Josh Bernstein really went there:

Josh keeps standing by his statements. Honestly, I wish he would go stand elsewhere.

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4 Responses to Happy Hour News Briefs

  1. He should really put down the cracker pipe.

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    Sorry, Josh – WAY too busy tending to my hemp crop.
    Hey! It’s “trimmigant” season; looking for some gainful employment? It’s easy, sit-down work that doesn’t require a “high” degree of acumen or aptitude, just a bit of manual dexterity.


  3. donnah says:

    His other t-shirt: “0% Smart.”

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  4. laura says:

    The fear to being treated as you’ve treated others is quite revealing as an admission of guilt for cracker americans.


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