Marie Antoinette Revisited

The Miracle of the Trump Economy, cont.

The First Shady

The AP tells us that a new White House-backed ad campaign aims to encourage people who are unemployed or unhappy in their jobs or careers to go out and “find something new,” which when you think about it is kinda like telling the breadless peasants to eat cake instead:

WASHINGTON (AP) — A new White House-backed ad campaign aims to encourage people who are unemployed or unhappy in their jobs or careers to “find something new.”

“The opening ad in the “Find Something New” campaign beginning Tuesday features ordinary people sharing their stories. A companion website provides links to training and other resources.”

So, 40M + Americans are out of work, and 66,000 small businesses have folded since March, a pandemic is surging through the country, but, you know, you need to work on Brand You. And you’ll never guess who is the team that farted out this idea:

The campaign is a product of the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board, which Trump created in 2018. The board is co-chaired by Ivanka Trump and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

“There has never been a more critical time for Americans of all ages and backgrounds to be aware of the multiple pathways to career success and gain the vocational training and skills they need to fill jobs in a changing economy,” said Ivanka Trump, who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.”

And that is about as snarky a line as I’ve ever seen in an AP story. But yes, The First Shady (whom Lord Damp Nut said she created 14M jobs all on her own) and the Living Unisom are the brain trust on this one.

Anyway, the story continues, and successful anecdotes abound!

“I got laid off twice, but you got to keep going,” the man says, adding later on in the ad: “I’m now a consultant in the tech space.”

Another woman says she had no career plan after finishing high school, but “I found a medical course online” and became a phlebotomist. “You will find something,” she says.

“Perhaps you can sell a kidney,” she added, scratching a scar.

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17 Responses to Marie Antoinette Revisited

  1. donnah says:

    Yeah, we’ll find something new in November, Princess.

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  2. “I got laid off twice, but you got to keep going,” the man says, adding later on in the ad: “I’m now a consultant in the tech space.”

    “Now excuse me, I just got a new TaskRabbit gig!”

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    • tengrain says:

      The tech space gave it away, huh, BDR? I gotta admit, I giggled when I read that.



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      • Dennis Cole says:

        TG – some of the newly-produced rankings of the “Intelligence Branch” of tRump’s Space Force are highly-classified and Top Secret, especially in the Data Acquisition Dep’t., and that man in the ad almost let the kitteh outta the burlap sack, as it were, which could have led to a grievous breach of Nat’l Security. Even admitting he was admitted, (or committed,) will probably garner him some type of punishment, because not everyone gets to join the Space Force, and they’re not really ready yet for a bunch of “Space Cadets,” although they DO have plans to reduce unemployment by launching people……….well, maybe not ALL the way, but pretty high up there.

        Enjoy the view, while you can.

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  3. Buttermilk Sky says:

    So who took Princess’s SATs?

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  4. Bruce388 says:

    We need to learn from history. Take Herbert Hoover during the depths of the First Great Depression — He claimed that the vendors selling apples on street corners had “left their jobs for the more profitable one of selling apples.”

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  5. roket says:

    If I’m going to fork out good money for an online medical course it wouldn’t be to become a phlebotomist. I would choose a brain surgeon. That’s where the money’s at.

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  6. spotthedog says:

    JUMP!!! (I know that was tacky, but these are tacky times)

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  7. I bet she will find something new when she sits on Jared’s lap instead of daddy’s

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  8. Kent Fossgreen says:

    I am extremely reassured now that I know that Sleepy and Shady are on the case to help us common folk in these trying times.

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  9. R White says:

    So two years of brainstorming and this is what sleepy and princess sparkle pussy come up with? Tone deaf and dumb, not surprising. Fuck these people.

    No way either of them ever held a real job with such simplistic expectations given that we’ve had a job market that favors employers which has become hyper-specialized over the last couple of decades. And don’t get me started on Ageism or Ableism which are two serious subjects everyone from the CEO’s corner office to HR down to Janitorial services ignores and doesn’t want to acknowledge.

    At least the dims through both HRC and Obama approached the denizens of possum hollar and the nation at large multiple times with policies that encouraged continuing education through community colleges at low or reduced costs.

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  10. I glided right past the Marie Antoinette ref, and just realized it’s gorram Bastille Day

    We have started watching “Lucy Worsley’s Royal Myths and Secrets” on PBS which just had an episode about Marie Antoinette,( like the myth of “Let them eat cake!”…she never said that, and it wasn’t attributed to her until, like a century after her death) and I’ll say this, comparing the First Shady to Marie Antoinette is a grave and vicious insult…to Marie Antoinette…

    The series is fascinating, not only because it makes it very clear that plus ca change and all that: there were pop songs (well pop songs of the day!) written castigating Queen Anne as gay.

    It really brings to the fore that how much we “know” about the past is wrong.

    (cue Firesign Thetre: Everything you know is wrong!)

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    • Dennis Cole says:

      BDR – it was beignets, wasn’t it? No, on second thought it was eclairs she was urging on them. No? Musta been Napoleons, then.


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