Fixer-Upper For Sale! Best Offer!

Trump: The quicker fucker-upper

Hey guys, remember that time Prznint Stupid wanted to buy Greenland?

Guess what:

New York Times: Trump considered selling Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, former acting Homeland Security chief says

President Donald Trump considered the idea of selling Puerto Rico in 2017 after the island was devastated by Hurricane Maria, the former acting Homeland Security secretary told The New York Times in an interview published Friday.

“The President’s initial ideas were more of as a businessman, you know,” Elaine Duke, who was serving as DHS’ acting secretary when the hurricane hit the island in September 2017, told the Times.
“‘Can we outsource the electricity? Can we can we sell the island? You know, or divest of that asset?'” Trump reportedly said, according to Duke in the newspaper interview. “(She said the idea of selling Puerto Rico was never seriously considered or discussed after Mr. Trump raised it.),” the paper reported.


Prznint McDeals knows real estate, you see. Location! Location! Location!

Or it could be more of his racism. Hard to say.


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13 Responses to Fixer-Upper For Sale! Best Offer!

  1. Sirius Lunacy says:

    I believe he did sell Puerto Rico, he sold them down the river.

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  2. osirisopto says:

    I wonder if he would have thrown the people in as a deal sweetener, or just bundled them in with the property?

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  3. roket says:

    “‘Can we outsource the electricity?”

    Um, I’m pretty sure the cost of an underwater extension cord would be prohibitive. I recommend sticking to your day job, which is shelling shit, Mr. Stable Jenius.

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  4. Dennis Cole says:

    “How did we end up with this shithole countryanyway? Gotta be another lousy trade deal by somebody else, before me, that’s for sure. What a shithole; it’s an island way out in the ocean, surrounded by water – DEEP water! And the wind! The wind blows so hard…….I heard it’s incredible, as fast as a NASCAR, or one of my new, super-duper missiles.

    And the people – can you believe the people? Not exactly the kind I allow to become members at Mar-a-Lardo, if you know what I mean. Maybe if we just stop sending them money; why are we sending them money, anyway? but I mean, if we stop then they’ll all start getting hungry, right? And then they’ll have to swim across that big, deep ocean to get something to eat, and there won’t be anyone left, so it won’t be a problem anymore.

    SEE? See what a jenius I am?”


  5. Dennis Cole says:

    I fucked up the emboldening again. Should just be the “I” just prior to “allow”

    [Tengrain was here! Er, there! Er, fixed it!]


    • julesmomcat says:

      ‘S OK – sorta like puttin’ the em-FAHS-sis on the wrong sil-LAH-bul, looks great, as it is! Doesn’t let attention be wasted.


  6. artahzen says:

    My first question was “Sell it to whom?” then ” Would Russia buy it using laundered money like they buy the twitwaffle’s condos? Would the buyer demand the inhabitants be removed or exterminated before the company takes possession?” Then it hit me, the twitwaffle intended to use that money from the sale of Puerto Rico to buy Greenland! Oh, now it makes sense. Oh, wait……


    • MDavis says:

      You’re overthinking this.
      Just compare to that time he tried to sell Eric.
      If he doesn’t want to deal with something he thinks he can con someone else into taking over. And selling is about the only tool he has, so everything looks like a potential sale to him.


  7. Stony Pillow says:

    Puerto Rico is currently in de facto receivership, and is owned by multinational hedge funds that bought its debt at pennies on the dollar.


  8. FELINE MAMA says:

    Give me an R, Give me an A, Give me a C…….etc. Put it ALL together it spells potus trump!!
    Any questions, class????


  9. If I was a citizen of Puerto Rico, I believe I’d be pissed. It’s going to be SOGOTP time on statehood when the nexty prez is sworn in.


  10. paul fredine says:

    well, he has pretty much sold the white house, so why not puerto rico?


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