Potty Trained?

Prznint Stupid finally wore a mask yesterday, apparently at the urging of his staff who stroked his ego endlessly for doing the right thing 6 months too late:

Axios morning email thingie:

Trump advisers and supporters shower him with attaboys for wearing a mask (with a gold presidential seal) for White House photographers for the first time, during a visit yesterday to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

  • Why it matters: They’re trying to convince him he looks awesome, and therefore to take their advice to keep wearing masks.

God, it’s like potty training.

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7 Responses to Potty Trained?

  1. Spocko says:

    Now we pressure his buddies.
    Look @dougducey! The President is wearing a mask! It’s okay to save AZ lives now!
    Hey @GovStitt! Trump won’t give you a nickname now! Pass a mask law!
    @GovRonDeSantis Donald won’t write a mean tweet about you if you pass a mandatory mask law! #mask

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    • R White says:

      His governor buddies in the Republican Party are a lost cause. They have all pinned their fragile manhoods on the prospect of not listening to the egghead scientists in order to continue looking like macho, strong ‘daddys’ to their frightened constituents. What a sad joke this nation has become.

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  2. YellowDog says:

    Do his Depends have a presidential seal, too?

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  3. spotthedog says:

    What!? He’s given up on freedom and become one of the sheeple?!!

    I hope somebody points out that he has slowly come around to following the example set by Biden.

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    • MDavis says:

      This looks disturbingly like a Photoshop.
      Even if it is, having his handlers convince him how great and awesome he looks in a mask won’t hurt.
      And I hope no one points out that he’s following Biden’s example. Don’t discourage this! Those stuck out in public areas don’t need to have 3%-ers running around maskless because LDN doesn’t wear one.

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      • FELINE MAMA says:

        Hmmmm! Interesting thought MD. Any real videos of this “bible” walk?!?
        Actually, it looks good on that hideous face. Bring it up a little more, over the eyes/head.
        Oh, don’t forget the swastika.

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