Third Time Isn’t The Charm, Either

Sean pines away his days.

This is getting pathetic. So Lord Damp Nut AGAIN guested on Thumbhead’s, er, Sean Hannity’s after school special, er, show, and again was asked about what his plans are for a second term. Now bear in mind, he ALSO was asked that on Steve Bolling’s show on the Onanist channel and gave it a whif, too/also:

HANNITY: “I asked you a question in Wisconsin and you got criticized for the answer. I want to ask you again. You are now asking America in 117 days to give you a second term as president of the United States. Let’s — what is your second-term agenda?”

TRUMP: “First of all, I didn’t know it was criticized for that answer because it’s a simple question. [Ed. – And you are a simpleton. –TG] First of all, we’re going to defeat the invisible enemy, and we are well on our way. And again, I told you, the mortality rate is tenfold down. We’re going to rebuild the economy, we’re going to bring back jobs from all of these foreign lands that have stolen our jobs on horrible trade deals. We are going to continue to make great trade deals.

“We’re going to finish rebuilding our wall. [Ed. -Note that he said rebuilding not building. That’s a tell. –TG] We’re going to finish, we’re going to have that — it’s going to be almost complete by the end of this year, shortly thereafter it’s finished. It’s made a tremendous difference. You see, we’re doing record numbers on the border. Very few people are able to get through. We’re rebuilding with our military. We’ve rebuilt the military. $2.5 trillion. We are fixing up the VA for our vets. The job we’ve done there, between choice and accountability.

“We have choice, where they go out and get a doctor. If they are sick, they don’t have to wait for five weeks, six weeks, two weeks. So we are doing great with the vets, and the vets are loving Trump. We are protecting our Second Amendment, so. We need more judges and more justices. You see that now with the Supreme Court more than ever. And the next president, I’ve had two, the next president is going to be able to pick two or three or one or whatever, but a lot of justices. And that means everything, whether it’s for life or other things, I mean it means so much.

“But protecting the Second Amendment, getting more judges. All of the things that we’ve done, nobody’s done what this administration has done in the first three and a half years. Nobody’s even come close. When you look at everything that we’re doing. Now what we’re doing is working on lowering drug prices and knocking out special interests, because it’s not easy. We’re fighting for choice. We did it for the veterans and now we are doing it for school too. One choice in school so a parent can take their child to a school of their choice, and that’s happening — very good, very, very well.

“And we have many things we are doing and many things that we have already completed, and you can’t do more than what we’ve done. I think we’ve set records. We actually set a record on judges. We are going to be, by the time of the end of this year, we will be up to almost 300 federal judges, and that’s a record. That’s incredible, including D.C.”

He was invited to give his stump speech for the third time, and he again whiffed it.  His base essentially doesn’t care, Hair Füror could say what his real plan is (REVENGE! or WRECKING THE COUNTRY!) and they would be fine with it. No, the problem (well, one of the many cognitive problems) is that he only thinks in the moment, he has no vision, no plans, and no strategy.

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6 Responses to Third Time Isn’t The Charm, Either

  1. “We actually set a record on judges” You mean The Federalist Society and #MoscowMitch did. You had fuck all to do with it…they shoved the paper under your nose and a pen in your hand and you signed it like Radar getting Colonel Blake to sign a requisition for golf clubs..

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  2. osirisopto says:

    Russian dressing is the only choice for that word salad.

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  3. Dennis Cole says:

    Every Judge who’s been installed can be recalled, so if we’re just patient enough, so many of those “esteemed Jurists” are so completely unqualified that they will undoubtedly sink their own ship, as it were. Judicial misconduct is not pretty to watch, but it’s almost a “Mulligan.” And their personal conduct can also be called in to question, so maybe we oughta post some surveillance outside the little Boy’s bathroom….


  4. roket says:

    Shorter interview:

    Hannity: “What is your agenda?”

    MHSG: “Same o’. Same o’.”

    The End

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