Get Your Message Straight, Please

Can you please get your message straight?

States with severe coronavirus outbreaks should ‘seriously look at shutting down,’ Dr. Fauci says

And about an hour ago:

Coronavirus hot spots should pause reopening, not shut down again, Fauci now says

Remember when the CDC said not to wear masks because they were dangerous? What they really wanted was for you not to hoard the N-95 masks because the doctors needed them, but instead they mislead.

Remember when the CDC said not to get into crowded places, like demonstrations and then announced that they were going to join the BLM protests?* That sent a strong message that distancing didn’t matter.

This inconsistent messaging is why (well, that and the cult45) that Americans don’t know what/who to believe and what to do. This is maddening

*added link for clarity, thanks to Scissorhead Quaker for asking for documentation. My regrets.

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8 Responses to Get Your Message Straight, Please

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    Pence told us they were gonna be singin a different tune, and soon…

    Following the fabled Pied Piper, whilst marching to a Different Drummer.

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    Oh, and this last Mon., CBS reported that it’s been 6 weeks and counting since the WH last granted them an interview with Dr Fauci.

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  3. quakerinabasement says:

    “Remember when the CDC said not to get into crowded places, like demonstrations and then announced that they were going to join the BLM protests?”

    Um, no. I don’t remember that.

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    • tengrain says:

      It really happened, who said that some things are more important, which is noble and true, but it still sends the wrong message. They did urge everyone to be masked and distant, tho.

      But it is cited by Republicans as another reason why they won’t obey the masks and distancing guidelines.

      I’ll update the post with the link. Thank you for asking about it, I should have cited it.


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  4. julesmomcat says:

    Fauci waffles just to appease Suckface.

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    • Dennis Cole says:

      jules…….[le sigh] It’s sad, it’s so very sad, but Fauci is dogged and determined to continue to try to outwit the tRumpsters, at least untill he’s “You’re Fired’ed.” He has a platform to speak from for now, and he can he can slyly contradict the head MAGAT on every occasion he can wangle. Which is not that often, as I pointed out above, but he’s still getting his digs in, and he seems to still have some influence over Redfield, who seems to maybe have somewhat of a vestigial spine now and then.

      If Fauci were to resign, or get Fired’ed, then his voice of reason gets lost in all the other clamor resounding from the Wilderness, and whomever tRump chooses to replace him is gonna be a good little lap-doggy.


  5. Did Fauci display visible bruises or a black eye from ‘walking into a door’ in the second appearance, because that sure sounds to me like he caught a beating then was shoved out to make a “revised statement”.

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  6. Dennis Cole says:

    Wow! I went “Stutter-typing” on my *Dyslexi-writer Deluxe!” Caught all them other typos, but hey- nobody’s perfect. Except wait:

    (Go thru the intro, pls, it’s only a minute, and it helps “set the Stage.”)


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