Back-to-School Guidance Fails Test

Trump Crime Family: when do they return to school?

Last time on Dynasty, er, whatever… Pesident Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos (who’s currently being sued for trying to divert coronavirus relief funds from public schools to private schools,) threatened to cut funding from schools that don’t resume in-person classes this fall.

We note that once Congress allocates funds, Prznint Stupid cannot withhold federal funding on his lonesome, and most education funding comes from states anyway.

Ambulatory termite buffet Mike Pence cleared up the White House plans: they will use the next coronavirus relief bill to pressure states into compliance.

A few hours after Prznint Stupid whinged that the CDC’s guidelines to safely reopen schools are too hard, Pence announced that the CDC will simply issue new guidelines. He’s such a problem-solver!

“The President said today we just don’t want the guidance to be too tough, and that’s the reason why, next week, the CDC’s going to be issuing a new set of tools, five different documents that will be giving even more clarity on the guidance going forward.”

Perfectly clear, amirite?

“The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will not revise its guidelines for reopening schools despite calls from President Donald Trump and the White House to do so, agency Director Dr. Robert Redfield said Thursday.

“Instead, additional reference documents will be provided, Redfield told ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

So they won’t be changing the guideline, except when they do, and it’s just another day in the 4th Reich, where no one seems to have a spine anymore and everyone is bullied by an addled dotard with a third-rate mind.

So why is failed-student and now infamous SAT cheat Preznint Stupid politicizing schools, of all things? A theory:

And just to back me up: Twizzler!

As I said on the electric tweeting device last night,

Speaking of spineless, Our failed political press should ask what Prznint Stupid’s plans are for Barron, and no, that is not political in spite of Stupid’s politicizing schools. He’s a parent facing the same problems that everyone else is facing. Press Run agrees with us.

UPDATE 1: Politico’s email thingie –

BACK TO SCHOOL — Speaking of McConnell, the majority leader weighed in on the Trump administration’s emphasis on getting kids back to school in the fall, acknowledging that such a mission will require robust funding from Congress in the next coronavirus relief package. “It will be challenging for the schools,” McConnell said Wednesday at an event in Kentucky. “You’re going to want the kids to wear masks, you’re going to want to do social distancing, you’ve got transportation issues, all of which will have a cost issue.” But McConnell also appeared to distance himself from the president’s criticisms of the CDC guidelines for schools, saying “we’ve got to back” them.

UPDATE 2: Axios’ morning email thingie:

The Trump administration’s full-steam-ahead push to fully reopen schools this fall is on a collision course with America’s skyrocketing caseload and its decades-long neglect of public education, Axios’ Caitlin Owens and Marisa Fernandez write.

  • In a worst-case scenario, schools could become one of the most effective ways the virus travels from family to family.

Why it matters: Getting kids back to school is of paramount importance for children and families, especially low-income ones. But the administration isn’t doing much to make this safer or more feasible.

  • “They’re sort of asking schools to do the undoable,” said Anita Cicero, deputy director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, which focuses on epidemics and disasters.

The big picture: How to handle schools and daycare centers amid the pandemic is one of the most vexing questions around the world.

  • Keeping kids at home risks learning setbacks, and prevents them from getting services like food or special needs assistance. It also removes some 40 hours of weekly child care that working parents rely on.

Implementing strong safety measures will require resources that many school districts don’t have, especially as the coronavirus economy depletes tax revenues.

  • The cost of stringent sanitation, personal protective equipment and new personnel would be astronomical.
  • “We want children to be back in schools,” said Will Hite, superintendent of Philadelphia’s school district. But the cost of additional cleaning and sanitizing alone could be an extra $60 million to $80 million.
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21 Responses to Back-to-School Guidance Fails Test

  1. Bruce388 says:

    Who thinks Lord Dampnut gives a damn about Barron?

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    • tengrain says:

      I saw a snarky comment last night that said there are more pictures of LDN with Ghislaine Maxwell than there are with Barron.

      I don’t think I need Snopes to say that’s probably true.

      Anyway, he probably doesn’t know who Mel’s son is.”Never met him.”



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  2. roket says:

    Strange. The MHSG refused to take responsibility for the virus but he does want to take responsibility for sacrificing the children. Bet when the time comes he will blame the governors for following his ‘orders’.

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  3. Weird Dave says:

    May I sneeze on that group (mask not required)?


  4. w3ski4me says:

    You can call me paranoid, but what if this is a plot to close public schools for good? If they reopen now, they will become super spreaders even more than his virus rallies. Figuring a family of 4 with 2 kids in school, and there is 4 new cases plus Gramma and Gramps on the side, and then you will get the big families too. God help the Dugan’s.
    This could make public schools impossible to use, which would fit right up DeVos’s alley.
    I laugh but it could be, and what could we do about it?
    I’m sure glad I don’t have school kids at home and I really hope I’ve raised my kids to know better about taking care of their kids now.
    This Cheetolini guy is really getting scary with all his demands and fits.

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    • MDavis says:

      It’s only a matter of time before he demands that everyone wears their underwear on the outside so that the underwear police can check to be sure they are clean.


      • w3ski4me says:

        And as my Dad once told me, “What If your Grandmother had balls, you wouldn’t be here now.”


    • roket says:

      I’m pretty sure the Coronavirus doesn’t give a shit how a school is funded. If defunding public schools is their plan, it’s a failed plan.


  5. RayLay says:

    Special Ed Betsy better tie a slip-knot on her yacht because her brother’s “wastewater” mercenaries aren’t going to save her smug ass from doing hard time once LDN is out of office.

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  6. Baiscally their plan is “Get the little plague rats kids back in school (seriously, does ANY parent of a small child have the slightest doubt that disease spreads like wildfire in schools? Any normal parent, that is) so Mom and/or Dad can get back to work to die for the Dow.

    Trumps beautiful, strong, bigly economy is cratering, and he’s panicking.

    He’ll kill off half the country just to claim the job numbers are great…

    Meanwhile ARIZONA ALL BY ITSELF is reporting more cases than ANY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD except the US. We have more new cases in the last 7 days than ALL OF THE EU!

    And Doug “No Mr. Bond you Arizonans, I expect you to DIE!” Ducey is claiming that it’s because we’re testing so many more people. And he wants the schools open August 17th.

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    • Scottie says:

      Hello brucedesertrat . I was thinking the same thing on the schools and working parents. The thing with Ducey is he is terrified to anger tRump in any way due to the militant tRump cult that is such a large political force in that state. If tRump ordered him to stand on one foot and bark like a dog, he would do it while claiming it was saving the state and he was happy to do it. Hugs

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      • The thing with Ducey is he is terrified to anger tRump in any way due to the militant tRump cult that is such a large political force in that state.

        Well we’re doing our damndest to reduce that political force…One senator and 5/9 congress critters are D’s. We’re within 1 seat of taking the state house and 3 of taking the Senate

        Also it’s very likely that the Senate seats for the state will be all blue come November, because no one likes McSally…I honestly don’t know what Ducey was thinking when he appointed her to McCain’s seat right after the Arizona electorate told her quite firmly that we didn’t want her to be a Senator.

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  8. Dennis Cole says:

    Let’s go backward, and ever further back! Instead of calling for some serious brainstorming on how we can modify the existing Ed System, or scrap it altogether in favor of a new one………where are all the brilliant minds? Because the Ed System as it exist(s)(ed), was a completed failure, that employed 19th century methods in the rapidly-evolving 21st, and by refusing to budge from an anachronistic schedule that favored an Agrarian societal makeup.

    So wouldn’t this be an excellent time to re-examine and revamp, rebuild and rectify? Why does everyone think the past was so grand we have to cling to it as desperately as a drowning man does to the least bit of wreckage that will keep him afloat?

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    • Because the battle won’t be about how to make it better it’ll be how to make it more profitable, how to advantage rich whites over everyone else, and the vast revanchist ignorati will be howling about GAWD and FREEDUMBBB! and we’ll end up with an educational system that’ll make Somalia say “Thank god for USA” when they’re compared.

      The percentage of Americans who firmly believe in the most outrageous conspiracy theories is reflected in the folks who are howling about masks. A sample, on this subject from the LTTE in our daily rag:

      Get liberal ideology out of education
      Our entire school system needs to be torn down and rebuilt, with the liberals removed altogether.
      The school curriculum itself is corrupt, with things like Common Core, ethnic studies, trans acceptance and history lessons which are biased against America’s expansion into North America and demonizes our American civilization of the North American continent.
      It’s not just teachers and instructors going rogue, it is the entire mind-set of the school system to mold kids and shape the community to one mind-set: theirs.
      The school system itself needs to be taken down and rebuilt, without the liberal mind-set and without the manipulations.

      I can guaran-damn-tee you this guy has NO FUCKING CLUE what “Common Core” is, but the white grirevance is ooozing out of this one in a flood.

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      • MDavis says:

        Just great.
        They’ve already starved out basic Civics, Rhetoric, and Critical Thinking. No he wants to get rid of Readin’, Writin’, and ‘Rithmetic – AKA Common Core,
        All in the name of stopping the schools from molding those kids, unless they follow his blueprint.

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  9. tengrain says:

    BDR –

    “I honestly don’t know what Ducey was thinking when he appointed her to McCain’s seat right after the Arizona electorate told her quite firmly that we didn’t want her to be a Senator.”

    follow the money. I’m sure she paid for it fair-n-square. Just like Loefler in FL



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    • Karla says:

      Hey hey hey — in Floriduh we have our own terrible senators. Loefler belongs to GA.
      But I’m taking offers to trade Lil’ Marco and Skelator for other senators. Anyone? Anyone?

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  10. Dennis Cole says:

    w3ski – don’t forget the cow!

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