News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs

Let’s see what our old pal, anti-semite Rick Wiles is talking about today:

He’s gonna get kicked outta the Q-Club with talk like that!


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8 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Now, THAT is a narrative twist I didn’t expect. Get M. Night Whatshisface on the phone!

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  2. Aaaand another rat grabs a life vest (probably forcibly from a pregnant woman with a child) and leaps from the SS Trump.

    Rick wouldn’t be turning on trump like this if they thought he would win.

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  3. Perturbation says:

    Holy fuckamoly. And I thought Fox News editing Donald out of a photo of Epstein and Maxwell at Mar a Lago but forgetting to edit out Melania was creepy — was Melania too young looking in 2000 their Photoshop intern didn’t recognize her? But leave it to Wiles to go all out on the creep trying to paint the Trump couple as victims.

    And I guess it wouldn’t entirely surprise me, but I’m completely over the “Save Melania” stuff. Hey a lot of the stuff Donald apparently endured according to Mary Trump’s book sound pretty awful too, but he responded to an awful situation by being even more awful himself. I’ve got an “Uncle Larry” (whose name happens to actually be Larry) whose backstory is completely pathetic, but the way he dealt with his situation was to become an utterly awful caricature of a conservative small man in an attempt to satisfy the people who tormented him. And y’know what? That’s sad, but I don’t have any pity to spare for that kind of person.

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    • But leave it to Wiles to go all out on the creep trying to paint the Trump couple as victims.

      Uhhh …brokering the sale to trump hardly makes hima victim but another unidicted co-conspirator.


      As for Melania, well for a short while I gave her the benefit of the doubt but then, mysteriously, my attitude changed to “I really don’t care, do U?”


  4. Dennis Cole says:

    “So, how much do you bid for this fine bit of Slovenian fluff?, We’re starting at a $1 million, ladies and gentlemen, so let’s see some paddles……..whoa, hold on!” [Holds hand to earpiece, listens intently and then mutters, ‘yes, yes, I understand,’] looks up and says, “Ladies and gentleman I’ve just been informed that we will be moving onto the next item on your list, as this one has had a private arrangement made for her, by J Epstein and G Maxwell, who many of you are VERY familiar with, I’m sure….”

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  5. roket says:

    Disconnect much? The ‘evangelical’ rage uncles in my part of possum holler blame the Clinton’s for Epstein’s murder and Maxwell’s future murder. Their usual default blame mode for sexual scandals. Everything else is Obama’s fault. Either Ricky is going off on his own tangent or the right is finally losing their messaging skills. Also, LDN is getting so ripe for the picking he’s starting to rot.


  6. RayLay says:

    I give G-Max a month or two before someone jabs her ass with some radioactive gobbledygook.


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