Fireworks Over Mt. Rushmore for Comrade Trump

4th of July: Going out with a bang!

Just sayin’.

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  1. Dennis Cole says:

    [The National Park Service says that “robust, highly trained and skilled” fire response services are at the ready and that an incident management team will ensure conditions are appropriate before making the final go/no-go decision. Fireworks could also be called off due to weather.]

    The president, meanwhile, downplayed the likelihood of damage in comments in January, asking “What can burn? It’s stone.”

    I was trying to find an article I read earlier, I don’t want to post any bogus stuff anymore, about how the Nat’l Park Service banned such displays, most particularly fireworks, since they are proven to contaminate the ground & water with perchlorates, over an incident in 2009. And every member of the Sioux Nation is opposed to such a defilement of their most sacred site(s) in that area, with the leaders of the major branches calling more than “foul.”

    I’ll keep looking, and get back to you later. I haven’t been myself lately, but I’m slowly coming ’round. I’ve got a medical team that’s probly the best that could be assembled thru Kaiser, in this area – over half are Chief Residents in their specialties, after insisting on taking over from the Dr I was originally assigned to. And yesterday my Pain Dr – who’s the Director of the Pain Mgmt Program – told me in a video visit, “Don’t worry, Dennis, we’re not about to let you die; coz if it’s not Corona, then it makes us look bad.”

    And I wasn’t in all that much danger of dyin, I was just gradually going downhill from getting to sedentary, but now I’m doing some VTV work-alongs with the PT Dep’t, and the Y. But what I really need is water, to get into some, so I’m buoyant and gravity isn’t constantly tearing at my joints.


  2. Dennis Cole says:

    That’s it. That does it. Fuck Duckduck. Gimme mah googles.

    “Then there are the fireworks. Since 2009, fireworks have been banned at the monument, which is surrounded by more than 1,000 acres of forest. The National Park Service says it had taken some precautions ahead of Friday’s event, conducting a controlled burn around the site to reduce the chances of igniting a wildfire.” Not the most trusted site, but it’s not the ONE:

    “A decade after being banned amid concerns about wildfires and groundwater pollution, and despite protests by Native Americans and recommendations from public health officials to avoid public gatherings, fireworks will once again be exploding over Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills of western South Dakota on Friday, anticipating the Fourth of July.”


  3. Dennis Cole says:

    And I also “heerd” about the native trout there, how they were recently removed from the “Endangered” list, only to be threatened once again, and that there will be a “surprise,” a hologramic image of His Yugeness juxtaposed to Lincoln, but I’m tired.

    Got some filet mignons from the market’s freezer section at half price, with my Food Stamps, so cry in your beers, conservatives. So a $7 “baseball cut” will equal a $50 meal if I was going out, but I’m not, I’m staying home.

    Happy 4th, and stay safe and mostly sane, Scissorheads.


    • tengrain says:

      You too, DC. I’d add, “sober” but that would be a joykill move, and there’s one thing I know about the Scissorheads: don’t get between them and their joy (whatever form it takes).



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  4. Dennis Cole says:

    And with that, I’ll leave you with this:


  5. Finally got Photos working again after my catalina forced upgrade (stoopid Mac kept crashing on boot up, so tried updating in aid of fixing it. It worked but some Photos processes them proceeded to chew up 90% CPU for a month “updating my photos library” )

    Anyhoo, I had a front row seat for the early part of the (still ongoing) Bighorn Fire…this is what one lightning strike caused on Jun5th… and it’s still not contained. Counting on rain to finally knock it down…


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