So That’s What MAGA Does For Us:

Human rights groups turn their sights on Trump’s America

Increasingly, the United States is being treated like a fragile state in need of help.

The Trump administration was in panic mode.

The United Nations Human Rights Council was debating launching a special investigation of racism in America after the killing of George Floyd, a Black man who died in police custody. And the United States was determined to derail any such probe.

That the Trump administration cared so much was surprising: It had quit the council two years ago, calling it an anti-Israel “cesspool of political bias” and denouncing its membership for including human rights abusing countries.

Publicly, U.S. officials kept their cool as the mid-June discussions played out. Behind the scenes, however, the State Department was scrambling to avert a public relations disaster, dispatching its diplomats to pull strings and call in favors…

The pressure worked — the 47-member council didn’t order a U.S.-focused probe, instead requesting a broader report on anti-Black racism worldwide. But that it came so close to doing so illustrates how international activists, groups and institutions are increasingly focusing on the United States as a villain, not a hero, on the subject of human rights.

So I guess that’s what Making America Great Again did for us. Thanks a lot Hair Füror. We gotta vote this motherfucker out.

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6 Responses to So That’s What MAGA Does For Us:

  1. Honestly it’s really just due to their customary laziness, incompetence and stupid stubborness…the slogan was always supposed to read Make America Grate (on everyone’s nerves) Again!


  2. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Our completely off-kilter prison population should also be a huge red flag that the US is a human rights disaster.

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    • R White says:

      Don’t forget about republican-led states like Jawga & Floriduh who conveniently throw out the votes of minorities every election.


  3. Bruce388 says:

    ….and Ah’m proud to be an Amurkkkan,
    Where at least Ah know Ah’m freeeeeeeee….


  4. Dennis Cole says:






  5. donnah says:

    Trump has turned us into a shithole country. We are pitied and scorned by other nations in the world. This disaster of a leader has willingly turned us from a proud country with a conscience into a hateful racist nation where bigotry and racism run rampant.

    November! We must vote in numbers that cannot be overturned,


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