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What Digby Said (actually Tom Sullivan, but let’s not split hairs):

Ordinarily at this time in the cycle, volunteers would be out in the streets with clipboards registering voters. At campaign rallies. At outdoor concerts. At street festivals. On downtown street corners on weekends. At all kinds of public events not happening this year because of the contagion and that may not happen by the fall.

Hullabaloo is reacting to this info from Five Thirty Eight:

Poll after poll showed a high level of enthusiasm for voting in the general election in 2020, and in the beginning of the year, voter registration surged to match that excitement. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. New registrations have fallen off a cliff.

And then Five Thirty Eight has an alarming series of charts showing states with registration decline. Go there to see if your state is amongst the many listed.

If your state is listed, you must work getting people registered, especially the Yutes of Today who really might not know how.

Also, be sure to check your own voter registration status. It doesn’t matter if you recently voted, there is no end of Republican treachery, lawsuits, and legislators trying to game the system. For instance, Prznint Stupid’s 2020 Goat Rodeo Campaign has sued Pennsylvania over its mail-ballot drop boxes, asking a federal court to bar them ahead of the November election. A federal appeals court in Wisconsin upheld several Republican laws amounting to voter suppression, after a three-year delay.

The Republicans know that they cannot win without cheating and they are counting on all of us smarty-pants libtards being too afraid to leave the house, but you can check your registration status in many states by going to your Secretary of State’s website.

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  1. sos says:

    Would it be ironic or heart-breaking if the Yutes protesting weren’t registered to vote? Because *They don’t know how?” Too bad there isn’t a pocket-sized device that could assist a, say, tech-savvy Yute to determine instructions.


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