Why He’s Running

Stable Jenius

Prznint Stupid expains to Thumbhead, er, Hannity his vision for a second term:

“I always say talent is more important than experience … I was in Washington I think 17 times, all of a sudden I’m the president … You don’t have to drop bombs on everybody.”

Compelling reasoning, cogently stated! Thanks for clearing that up.

Stevie Wonder:

“It’s a bad day when I can see better than your 2020 vision.”

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5 Responses to Why He’s Running

  1. This is what happens when all the scriptwriters quit on your shitty teevee show.

    They leave it up to the dumb actors to “improvise” and practice their “method acting” training that they got from a 4th rate hack “drama teacher” who brags about attending Lee Strasborg’s school, but in reality merely wandered into the wrong door once while looking for the accountants whose office was on the secon floor…

    “You are a talentless failson who’s stumbled into an entirely fictional reputation as a ‘great businessman’ thanks to a scripted ‘reality’ show, became president with the aid of a foreign adversary of the country that you’ve been selling real estate laundering money for a decade, and which very likely has crippling Kompromat on you….aaaand Interview scene Take one! Action!

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  2. spotthedog says:

    Why would someone say they’ve been somewhere 17 times? I believe a normal person would have said “many times”. Even though he hedged it with “I think” 17 times. It shows he always, relentlessly, feels compelled to try to impress people; his magnificent memory of all his past global travels enables him to come up with the rather precise number 17. He is conveying the notion that not only has his important business life required his presence in Washington many times, his marvelous brain is able to instantly retrieve the number of those particular trips as 17. He can’t ease up on the bullshit for one second, even for something completely meaningless.

    And yet he could not remember meeting Lev Parnas.


    • He can’t remember anything. I suspect it’s been that way for a long, long time. Bullshit is all he has. You’re right, that 17 times thing is utterly bullshit; well practiced bullshit.

      Ask him agin in two weeks and it’ll be 14 times or 23 times, but it’ll be said with the same complete and clear confidence that the number is reality, and he pulled it out of his Great mind on cue. I’d imagine he could regale you with the details of his 9th trip on cue, and it’d be a different story every time.

      (or could have, before the pressures of being playing POTUS started eating his brain )

      if nothing else THIS has been the single great blind spot of the media: the absolute unwillingness to recognize that he is nothing but an ongoing, 100% complete , all-encompassing stream of lies. This all he’s got.

      All he’s EVER HAD is this ability to spin bullshit reality out of his ass.

      When he was a real estate developer or airline developer or pro football league developer everyone he dealt with understood whatever he said was bullshit; and they waited to see the money…or not as the case usually was.

      His fabled “business empire” was never run by him. He might have well been the Aunt Jemima of the Trump Empire: the fictional face of the brand.

      This was known decades ago by anyone who ever had to deal with him in business. No one with real business with Trump Inc ever dealt with him they dealt with the managers who ran everything.

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      • MDavis says:

        The way I remember it, he was kind of news, briefly, in a gossipy way in the nineties. I think what put him in the news was Ivana’s divorce (there’s a name ripe for jokes) and the marriage to Marla. Basically he came across as a sleazy and incompetent jerk.
        That show, The Apprentice, is the next time I remember seeing anything about him. I even watched the stupid show a couple of times, but it was just another “reality show”.
        I di wonder, now, how they picked him. Did they reach out to any businessmen before they contacted the Donald? Perhaps all the businessmen were kind of busy, you know, running their businesses so they settled for the nut job.
        And another thing. I’m starting to wonder about all the “nobody knows” and “does anybody know anything about this?” crap he spouts off. Is that just his stream of bs-iousness, or is he actually talking things over with himself?


  3. Chris Papalia says:

    “Talent is more important than Experience”, says man lacking both.


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