More Squid Goes Pro

Stable Jenius

Impeached Prznint Stupid admitted he asked Crown Prince Bone Saw’s country of Saudi Arabia to spend billions of Ameros in swing states, and ol’ Bone Saw did him a solid and ordered some ships.

“We felt very strongly this is where it should be. We gave them a strong recommendation, and they followed it.”

So, you see, he’s taking credit for shaking down a country for a $2B contract that will keep a lot of Wisconsinites at work, and might help him get re-elected, and that kinda Squid Goes Pro was exactly what he was impeached for doing. But wait! There’s more!

The Milwaukee Independent:

Several shipbuilding companies may have grounds to file formal complaints with the U.S. Navy and the Government Accountability Office after President Donald Trump on June 25 suggested a multi-billion dollar weapons contract was awarded to a Wisconsin company because of its status location in a key 2020 battleground state.

Speaking to workers at Fincantieri Marinette Marine on June 25, Trump said the company was selected for the $5.5 billion contract to build 10 guided-missile frigates because of the speed and maneuverability of its existing ships—and because of the company’s location in a swing state.

“I hear the maneuverability is one of the big factors that you were chosen for the contract,” the president said. “The other is your location in Wisconsin, if you want to know the truth.”

As we learned from John Bolton’s book, Prznint Stupid had also asked Chinese premier Xi Jinping to buy more soybeans, to boost the economy in the midwest and help him get re-elected. So I detect a pattern.

Scissorhead Baron vonBeavis has a tidbit about the missile frigates (Link goes to Forbes):

“The writer details lie upon lie about the orange sphincter’s moronic riffing about “his” ship he designed to make it prettier, faster, more gnarly … only it was Obamas, designed by Italians long before his nibs had a say in the matter, and it ain’t as fast or as gnarly as he claims. The dude just can help himself.”


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10 Responses to More Squid Goes Pro

  1. The thing is, by now no one (in a position to do something about it) gives a shit. It’s been clear that all along his only motivation has been to enrich himself and gratify his bottomless pit of ego. The R’s went along so they could stuff our courts full of fascists.

    He was impeached over this kind of shit, and #MoscowMitch laughed in our faces and told us to fuck right off, this isn’t our country, it’s his country. He’s essentially *murdered over a hundred thousand Americans and will murder another by the time November rolls around.

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    • osirisopto says:

      Aww… that’s not fair. Moscow Mitch is responsible for a hell of a fucking lot more than only 42x the deaths in the 9/11 atrocity.

      Besides Pence would probably have done worse by trying to pray away the virus.

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    “And the rockets, the rockets……..they go “Zooom zooom, and the ships, ah, all those big, beautiful ships racing around the ocean like sports cars, you’ve never seen anything like it!. And that’s all thanks to me, you know; my genius, I helped design it, the, the ships, those powerful ships that launch the rockets…”

    I think I came close this time.

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  3. w3ski4me says:

    Are these new ships the “Littoral” class? The built 3 and they all broke. They broke one on transit through the Panama Canal. They are absolute junk.
    I wonder how much his kickback was?

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    • Dennis Cole says:

      I believe you are correct, w3ski. If you only knew the totality of the waste and fraud that goes on; the weapons systems that malfunction more often than not, and can be included in the list of what’s absolutely unnecessary, and on and on.
      Last I looked, before production finally shut down, they had around 2500 M1A1 Abrams in storage, and the only plans the Pentagon had was to sell them off at cost, if possible, to our allies.
      These states, and even localities within them, become hooked on the Gov’t-funded construction of WMDs, and just as dependent as any heroin addict.

      ALL the weapons systems in use today by our military are obsolete, or will soon be, and they can be countered by systems being deployed by China & Roooshia. We are no longer the world’s #1 Superpower, but we were headed in this direction long before Hair Furor came along.


  4. roket says:

    The horror litigation. The horror litigation. The litigations due to the result of not following simple and easy to understand guidelines, designed to prevent exactly what he’s doing, must be numerous. However, I suppose, this is good news for any service economy.


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