Because we need some good news

Even from beyond the grave, Prince is in the house:

Prince Sign o’ the Times Super Deluxe Edition Announced 

Featuring over 60 previously unreleased tracks and two complete concert recordings, including a performance with Miles Davis

Prince’s iconic double album Sign o’ the Times is getting a massive super deluxe edition reissue. The album’s original tracks have been remastered for the release, which will include over 60 previously unreleased tracks from the Purple One’s vault and two complete concert recordings: A full audio version of Prince’s 1987 concert at Stadium Galgenwaard in the Netherlands, and a DVD of the New Year’s Eve benefit concert that he held at Paisley Park on December 31, 1987, which also served as his final performance behind Sign o’ the Times. The super deluxe edition, as well as regular deluxe and remastered versions of the album, arrive September 25 via Warner. Below, check out the previously unreleased “Witness 4 the Prosecution (Version 1).”


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2 Responses to Because we need some good news

  1. FelineMama says:

    Prince, may you be wearing a Raspberry Beret, driving A Little Red Corvette in to The Purple Rain !!
    I MISS YOU & your fantastic talent !!!

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  2. purplehead says:

    And this, from the Chicks. Makes my hair stand up.


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