GOP Police Brutality Reform: An update

(Undated file photo) New Confederacy Leader Mitch McConnell only had a few chins

Senate Democrats blocked debate on a Republican police reform bill that essentially was going to let The Invisible Hand of the Marketplace deal with our police brutality pandemic. Is there nothing that TIHotM cannot do? The Republicans love Ameros so much that they cannot imagine any problem that the carrot/stick of dangling Benjamins cannot solve. I would say it is bizarre, but money is the only thing in which they consistently believe.

The GOP plan relies on incentives, federal reporting requirements, and training, without actually, you know, outlawing killing citizens or addressing systemic racism.

NPR (!) tells us:

One week ago, with his party’s leadership behind him, Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina, the chamber’s lone Black Republican, unveiled the bill with hopes of voting on the measure ahead of the Fourth of July recess. Republicans said the plan addresses a national outcry for reform of the country’s law enforcement departments and agencies.

…The Republican proposal, on the other hand, uses incentives, federal reporting requirements and training to diminish the use of chokeholds, other dangerous restraints and no-knock warrants. It also boosts usage of police body cameras.

In other words, it proposes what is already in place, and gosh, that has worked so well.

(The GOP, by the way, did not allow any Democratic input on the bill, and it was not crafted in committee. Essentially it was a take-it-or-leave-it process, and maybe McConnell would allow amendments. And yes, the check is in the mail, why do you ask?)

Tiger Beat’s morning email thingie gives us the betting forum for the House version of the bill:

The Democrats’ police reform bill, however, is headed for a different outcome today. The House is expected to easily pass their sweeping policing package today, with little GOP support. Freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), who represents the district where George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis police officer last month, said she will preside over the House during some of the floor debate. And Speaker Nancy Pelosi will gather with Democrats on the Capitol steps this morning to discuss the bill.

So that’s where things are and likely to stay until the gavel is removed from amply be-chinned #MoscowMitch’s racist paw in November, Dawg willing and the creek don’t rise.




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6 Responses to GOP Police Brutality Reform: An update

  1. Mary Ellen Sandahl says:

    TG, that first paragraph is pure red-white-‘n-azure American scurrllous political snark poetry. Like channeling an amalgam of Mencken, Mark Twain and Foghorn Leghorn!

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    Sadly, this gives the GOPers a two-fisted attack “Look! Those despicable Dems are AGAINST Police Reform! They’re all voting NO just out of spite! They’re not serious about Police Reform, or they would join with us, and not stand against us!”
    It also allows them to continue with the Quo remaining in stasis, allowing the Police to continue as if nothing has changed, or is even going to. There may be a hint of a semblance of a crack in their armor, but unless it’s persistently pushed, pulled, prodded, peeled back and then pounded on, we won’t see much in the way of reform.

    Especially not in a country that produces excess military equipment expressly for the purpose of “donating” it all to “deserving, under-supported” police agencies all across the country; you just pay the shipping! (You know, JIC the citizens get a bit “uppity.)


  3. buckobear says:

    WHAT ??? No “Hopes and prayers?”


  4. Dennis Cole says:

    “Until one day, The Donald, The Prezident, awoke, and LO! No Secret Service agents were beheld! He rang and rang his bell, but no one answered. This had never happened before, ever, in the history of the US, that there were no agents anywhere in the White House. Where had they all gone?”

    Well, damnit! No, double-damnit! A coupla rallies, and the next thing you know, all the Secret Service Agents charged with keeping him safe are all in ICUs somewhere, dying from the Virus. Sure didn’t see THAT one coming.


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