Results Are Trickling In

Here Lies American Democracy

One of the side effects of having a massive increase in mail-in ballots is that the results are not always known right away. This has been our experience in the Peoples Republic of Seattle for a while, and I guess the rest of the country will get used to it.

Anyway, Axios morning email thingie has some updates:

Voters rebuffed President Trump by nominating Republicans he opposed for House seats in North Carolina and Kentucky, AP reports.

  • In western North Carolina, GOP voters picked 24-year-old investor Madison Cawthorn over Trump-backed real estate agent Lynda Bennett. The runoff was for the seat vacated by Mark Meadows, who resigned to become Trump’s chief of staff, and joined his new boss in backing Bennett.
  • Kentucky Republican Rep. Thomas Massie, a libertarian-minded maverick who often clashes with GOP leaders, was renominated for a sixth House term. Trump savaged Massie in March as a “disaster for America.”

So Prznint Lord Damp Nut’s majicks didn’t work? Interesting.

Here’s the guys at Electoral Vote’s take on those two elections (emphasis mine):

  • Eye, Meet Finger: When Mark Meadows resigned his seat representing NC-11 in order to become White House Chief of Staff, he did everything he could to pave the way for his preferred successor, Lynda Bennett, including timing his resignation to make it hard for additional challengers to file, and getting Donald Trump involved with an endorsement and recorded robo-calls. We all know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and Meadows, though, and arch-conservative Madison Cawthorn crushed Bennett by 30 points, 65.9% to 34.1%.Cawthorn has a very interesting backstory; he was headed for a military career until a car accident left him paralyzed from the waist down (and $3 million in debt). Thereafter he became an advocate for disability rights and healthcare reform (although he defines the latter as “getting rid of Obamacare”). He’s also just 24 years old, and won’t reach the minimum required age for service in the House until August. He’s a definite candidate for “face of the Republican Party” post-Trump. One could see him as the yin to Ocasio-Cortez’ yang for many years.
  • Eye, Meet Finger, Part II: This isn’t quite as big a rebuke of the President as what happened in NC-11, but Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) won his primary by 76 points (88% to 12%), despite Trump calling for Massie to be thrown out of the Republican Party.In short, Trump continues to show zero ability to influence elections beyond the ones he is personally running in, something that Republicans running this year will surely note. Actually, they already have; he is noticeably absent from most Republican campaign ads these days.

Last I checked, Elliot Engel is decisively losing his re-election to progressive challenger Jamaal Brown (the AP called it for Brown). We will not know the exact percentage of the vote till later, but it was not even close.

The Electoral Vote guys brief us on Kentuckystan:

  • Onward and Upward for McGrath?: With a little over half the in-person ballots counted, the centrist Amy McGrath (D) has about an 8-point lead on progressive Charles Booker as they compete for the right to take on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). The general presumption is that the mail-in ballots, which will take days to count, are going to favor McGrath. Supporting that presumption is the fact that Booker tried, and failed to get a judge to keep the polls open beyond their scheduled hours. So, it certainly appears McGrath will be moving on. And it definitely appears that we can dismiss that Civiqs poll from last week that said McConnell has nothing to worry about (because it also said Booker would win in a romp).
  • No Meltdown in Kentucky: Thanks to lots of mail-in and early voting, things went fairly smoothly in Kentucky. It seems clear that voters in that state have largely adapted to the idea that voting on Election Day is not the most efficient option right now.

Oh, really? This happened in Kentuckystan, which as you might recall crippled the number of in-person polling places:


They shut the doors and didn’t allow people in line to vote.

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6 Responses to Results Are Trickling In

  1. YellowDog says:

    Bunker boy lost his fastball. Now, he’s just pitching junk.

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    • Bunker Boi never had a fastball. in 2016 the downticket R’s were running against Hitlery Killton and Obummercare, not with Trump.

      We picked up about half of the special elections in 2017 and cleaned their clocks in 2018, when Bunker Boi was out stumping for them hard.

      Bunker Boi’s never done anyone any favors by endorsing them. So I await his full-throated and hands-on endorsements across the country!

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    • MDavis says:

      Multiple failed businesses and lawsuits would indicate he’s always pitched junk.


  2. sos says:

    That vid is stunning. We just stop people from getting into line at the end of voting. Everybody already in line gets to vote.

    KY gonna need more ky for those voters.

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  3. MDavis says:

    From twitter (I know, but wait for it) they were parking when the doors closed. (all “they”, below, should indicate the polling place whoevers)
    First the last – these people did get to vote when a judge stepped in an told them to open the doors and let the constituents vote.
    The video is supposed to be at 6:03, doors closed at 6 pm, apparently.
    It was called a traffic issue – part of the traffic issue is they closed the gates to the parking lot, though, and chose a polling place to keep open that has no public transportation, so people drove there and then were denied parking (so they could claim the voters were at fault for showing up late? Unresearched as of now) forcing extra time in travel to the polling place looking for parking and then walking from that parking.
    Twitter people, some, are claiming this looks like the Walking Dead. From this, I infer that some are still butthurt over that picture of “freedom loving” COVID lovers screaming at the door for entry sans mask. That on was clearly a winner! Let’s keep up that free publicity for the “freedom loving” pants wearers!


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