BREAKING: Appeals court orders judge to dismiss case against Michael Flynn

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(Hat tip: @pacelatin)

Flynn pled guilty twice. This is absolutely dumbfounding.

The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals said in a 2-1 ruling on Wednesday that the federal judge overseeing the sentencing of former national security adviser Michael Flynn must accept the Justice Department’s request to drop charges.

Why it matters: It could mark the end of a long-running legal fight that began with Flynn pleading guilty to lying to the FBI in December 2017 about his contacts with the Russian ambassador during the Trump administration’s transition into office.

The backdrop: The Justice Department under Attorney General Bill Barr moved to dismiss the charges against Flynn in May, following a review that alleged prosecutorial misconduct by the FBI agents who had interviewed Flynn.

  • D.C. District Judge Emmet Sullivan pumped the brakes on the case and sought to hear from outside parties on whether he should accept the government’s motion.
  • Flynn’s lawyers subsequently asked the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals to order Judge Sullivan to drop the case.
  • In the meantime, an ex-judge appointed by Sullivan to review the case issued a scathing brief alleging that Flynn committed perjury and accusing the DOJ of a “corrupt, politically motivated” dismissal.

Worth noting: The majority opinion was written by Circuit Judge Neomi Rao, who was appointed in November 2018 to fill the seat vacated by Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

So I guess we’re now a satellite state of Russia.

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7 Responses to BREAKING: Appeals court orders judge to dismiss case against Michael Flynn

  1. Redhand says:

    So much for the effing rule of law in this country. My hope is that the file immediately for an en banc review by the full DC Circuit. This is absolutely shameful. As a lawyer, it makes me sick.

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  2. julesmomcat says:

    …a consequence when a con man like Bill “Low” Barr gets to head the Justice Dept.: Law and order no longer matters when an incompetent crook occupies the Oval Office.

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  3. w3ski4me says:

    We were a nation of at least partially just laws, built upon a culture of Law and Order. In only one election that has all gone out the window.
    I am ashamed at the lack of respect for the law that this administration shows us each new day.
    Nothing is too far and they are pushing it even still.
    A really amazing time to have the US run by such a bunch of crooks that they don’t even care that we all know it.
    I surely hope this doesn’t get swept under the rug like the changeovers from previously corrupt administrations. We need an outpouring of real justice as a Nation, we need to make the laws matter again.

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    • MDavis says:

      It is not just one election. We have been moving toward this for decards.
      How far back to you want to go? Reagan? Johnson? Wilson? Buchanan?


  4. spotthedog says:

    I think its official; we are in a ruthlessly malevolent dictatorship.
    And he REALLY, REALLY would like to lock her up, Obama too.

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  5. Dennis Cole says:

    Moscow Mitch thoroughly enjoys “puttin on” his persona, as a Yuckster (and part-time Huckster,) just another good-ol’ boy from the proud hollars of KY. But he’s one fine, conniving SOB, and he’s made his objective crystal clear: pack the Courts to legitimize their lawbreaking and their lawlessness, because he HAS studied his History, and is determined to have us repeat the parts we already found most odious – The Civil War and WW II. Because he knows his constituents, and he’s actually proud of their lack of education; dumb people are so much easier to lead and manipulate, and so they forget their History, and are thus condemned to repeat it.

    Except for their “Proud Heritage,” which even NASCAR has finally disdained.

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