KY Votes Today!

(Undated file photo) New Confederacy Leader Mitch McConnell only had a few chins

Kentucky’s primary today will be another electoral mess.

Normally —if anything in Kentuckystan could ever be said to be normal— has 3,700 polling locations, and this year, during an eff’ing pandemic that number  is [checks notes] fewer than 200.

And you’ll never guess (you can totally guess) how they are distributed!

Jefferson, the county with the largest population (and largest percentage of Black American voters) in the state will have just one (1) polling place. 600,000 registered voters and one (1) polling place. Luckily thousands of voters took advantage of in-person, early voting at Jefferson’s one (1) polling place.

About 27% of all registered voters in the state requested absentee ballots; usually it is about 1.5%, so Kentucky definitely will not be able to deal with the flood. Ballots postmarked today and received by June 27 will be counted.

But of course there is a catch: by state law, the results must be known by June 30.

Democrats: expect long lines and other assorted indignities to choose your candidate to take on #MoscowMitch!  Good Luck!


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6 Responses to KY Votes Today!

  1. Your headline is wrong

    “KY Votes Tries To VoteToday!”

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    • tengrain says:

      BDR –

      Well, they have an election anyway. Since #MoscowMitch has no GOP opposition, I don’t think that the KYGOP is really putting their heart into it. But maybe it’s a dry run for November?






  2. Dennis Cole says:

    The number of polling places in the Capitol was reduced to two – and then the street leading to the one closest to a large segment of the Black citizenry was CLOSED.

    So now we can add getting shot for trespassing while trying to vote, because they ARE using armed cops to enforce the closure.


    • But, but but John Roberts ASSURED us that there was no meaningful racial discrimination in voting any more!


      • Dennis Cole says:

        BDR – you can tell how frightened they are by us voting, by the depths they will descend to, to prevent voting by the “wrong types,” by disparaging THE most secure method of voting, by drawing district lines an epileptic graffiti artist would be proud of, (no mockery intended,) but eventually we will prevail.

        But I DO love me the smell of flop sweat on Primary Day.


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