The Trump Virus Is Still Raging

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How do we know? Well, Larry Kudlow says:

“There is no second wave coming. It’s just hot spots. They send in CDC teams, we’ve got the testing procedures, we’ve got the diagnostics, we’ve got the PPE,” he said.

…so we must be totally eff’ed in the dark, amirite?

Anyway, Axios tells us:

WHO reports highest single-day increase in confirmed coronavirus cases

The World Health Organization on Sunday reported the pandemic’s largest single-day increase of confirmed coronavirus cases, with more than 183,000 cases reported in the last 24 hours, according to AP.

As Prznint Stupid said,

“When you do testing to that extent, you’re going to find more people,” Trump said during his rally in Tulsa, Okla. “You’re going to find more cases. So I said to my people, slow the testing down, please.”

Axios continues:

  • However, the growth in testing does not fully account for the surge in new cases. Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, warned on Sunday that he does not believe the epidemic will slow down in the summer or fall.
  • Former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb also warned that the outbreaks in some states could tip into “exponential growth” in the next week, and he urged Americans to wear masks in public.

Don’t you people have a sense of humor?! It was just a joke:

Speaking with CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union,“ Navarro repeatedly said, “Come on now, Jake. You know it was tongue in cheek. Come on now. That was tongue in cheek,” cutting off Tapper as he repeatedly asked about the president’s remarks.

“I don’t know that it was tongue in cheek at all,” Tapper retorted.

“That’s news for you, tongue in cheek,” Navarro said with a dismissive laugh.

Such a kidder Hair Füror is! Everyone knows he loves laughing!

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9 Responses to The Trump Virus Is Still Raging

  1. Redhand says:

    I knew about but had not seen Obama’s takedown of Trump before. Wow. The irony today is that everything Trump has done while in Office validates Obama’s mockery.

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    • Dennis Cole says:

      Red – “The irony today is that everything Trump has done while in Office validates
      er, is all due to Obama’s mockery.
      ” That’s it. That’s all. One fateful night, and he’s making the majority of Americans suffer & pay, and not just for now, but well into the future, since everything of Obama’s that Drumpf has dismantled has to be restored.

      What took YEARS to formulate, to install and oversee, to build upon further, to ensure a Legacy of clean air and water for our children, and their children, and all who come after us, was mockingly swept away with a swipe of a pen, in what took only an instant.

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  2. spotthedog says:

    Hey here’s a damn joke: stop all testing and the number of cases will soon go down to zero, just like he said they would, problem solved! Ha ha! Why didn’t he tell the joke that way, its much funnier. I’ve lost count of the number of times those jerkwads have brushed off one of his stupid insane blabberings by saying “He was just joking”, he’s never joking and nobody is buying that shit explanation Dickhead Novarro!

    And WTF is with headlines on CNN and WaPo “Trump administration preparing for second wave”, gimme a break! Still waiting for prep for the first wave, which hasn’t ended.

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    • Osirisopto says:

      He has the standard RWNJ sense of humor. The humour of the “joke” increases in direct proportion to the pain and suffering inflicted.

      If the pain and suffering is inflicted on a liberal, gay, or woman the humour increases exponentially with every admonishment it receives.


  3. Steve-O says:

    Seriously, if one works for that fuckclown and try to pass off a state about slowing down testing as a joke, I’m pretty certain there are families of 120,000 plus in this country who might ask why they think this is funny.


  4. R White says:

    Is it really that hard for stenographers to call out the one economics guy who’s been wrong about everything that he’s a liar and is lying whenever his lips are moving? Losing ‘insider’ access to this maladministration isn’t really a setback.

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    • tengrain says:

      R White –

      I keep trying to make that point, selling YOUR own credibility to have access to a liar hardly seems like a deal. But Maggie Haberman doesn’t listen to me, which I find odd.




  5. Bruce388 says:

    Of course Lord Dampnut was joking. Shoving a UV light up your ass and chugging Clorox were also jokes. There’s nothing like a pandemic caused by their negligence to bring out Gooper “humor.”

    Remember 2003 when Chimpy Von Stagger joked about not finding WMDs? Another rib-tickler.


  6. FelineMama says:

    “The Trump Virus is still raging!”
    I hear Covid-19 is getting a second wind, also, too.

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