Thank You, Nancy Pelosi

This may be one of the best Juneteenths ever!

Tiger Beat:

NOT-SO-PICTURE PERFECT– In a historic move, Speaker Nancy Pelosi ordered the Clerk of the House to remove the portraits of four former speakers who served in the Confederacy. The paintings include former speakers Robert Hunter (1839-1841), Howell Cobb (1849-1851), James Orr (1857-1859), and Charles Crisp (1891-1895)…

While Pelosi does not have the power to remove Confederate statues, she does have the authority to remove paintings from public display in the Capitol — and she is exercising that power in honor of Juneteenth. “As I have said before, the halls of Congress are the very heart of our democracy,” Pelosi said in a letter. “There is no room in the hallowed halls of Congress or in any place of honor for memorializing men who embody the violent bigotry and grotesque racism of the Confederacy.”

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4 Responses to Thank You, Nancy Pelosi

  1. donnah says:

    Yes, thank you, Nancy Pelosi. She proves again and again that she’s a boss and keeps the Democrats together and moving forward.

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  2. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Looks like we might see an end to the Civil War, after all, and this time the winners will actually, you know, win.


  3. roket says:

    The rubes will not be able to handle a taste of their own medicine. She owned them, bitches.


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