Throw the Peasants a Crumb, But Give The Loaf to Corporate America

Living Typo and would-be Goldfinger Steve Mnuchin

Guys, remember when both houses of Congress were rushing to give some crumbs to Wee the People during the early days of The Purge, er, Trump-Virus, and remember how the Republicans were sneaking in tax breaks for their friends and donors (they have no friends)?

Some of those tax breaks have come to light!

Large companies have started pocketing billions of taxpayer dollars thanks to tax breaks tucked into the federal coronavirus stimulus.

Why it matters: Corporations are getting sizable, multiyear cash benefits, while most Americans received one-time, $1,200 checks to offset the economic turmoil and mass unemployment arising from the pandemic.

I’m shocked.

Details: Congress created several sizable tax provisions for companies in the main coronavirus aid package, especially these three:

  • Net operating loss carryback: Companies can take any operating losses they recorded in 2018, 2019 and 2020 and apply them to any of the previous five years to offset profits — in essence, they would be recouping taxes they already paid.
    • President Trump’s tax cuts eliminated these so-called loss “carrybacks” as a way to pay for the slashed corporate tax rate.
  • Business interest expense deduction: The amount of interest that companies could deduct on tax forms previously was capped at 30% of adjusted profits, and Congress raised that limit to 50%.
    • This benefits companies that sit on a lot of debt, especially those backed by private equity firms, which often pile debt on.
  • Employee retention tax credit: Companies that continue to keep people employed during the pandemic get a 50% tax credit to subsidize their workers’ wages, up to $5,000 per worker.

We heard a lot about that last point, but not so much about the first two.  So what’s in worth? What’s this gonna cost us?

Together, companies will reap more than $155 billion from these three provisions this year and in 2021, according to estimates from the Joint Committee on Taxation.

  • These tax changes, especially the rules around net operating losses, are “incredibly impactful,” said Chris Bell, a tax expert at accounting firm Moss Adams.

$155B Ameros is almost like real money. Can you give us some examples?

  • Boeing registered an $862 million tax refund in the first quarter almost entirely due to the new operating loss carryback rule.
  • Airlines also recorded large tax refunds — $649 million for American, $50 million for Southwest and $47 million for Spirit — largely because they were able to carry losses backward.

You’ve seen us fly, now watch us crash the economy!  What else ya got?

Health care
  • Community Health Systems, a hospital chain that has struggled in recent years, pocketed a $183 million tax refund in the first quarter and registered a $0.15 per-share profit almost entirely because of these new tax changes.
  • Another hospital operator, Tenet Healthcare, registered $91 million in new tax benefits, mostly due to the higher interest expense deduction.

Wait. What? They are profitable and making coin on this?

The big picture: The tax breaks were supposed to help ease companies’ red ink and keep paychecks flowing for workers. But most of the companies mentioned above, for example, have either furloughed employees or are pushing for buyouts.

And I guess we now know why living typo and Worst. Bond. Villain. Ever. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin doesn’t want any details of his slush fund becoming public. So how did this happen?

Between the lines: Those windfalls have started appearing in companies’ first-quarter financial disclosures. The Wall Street Journal first reported some of the early gainers, and Axios has found others.

So enjoy that $1200 Ameros, citizens, and the unemployment increase for now. #MoscowMitch has declared that’s it for us. But pity the poor corporations!

UPDATE 1: CNBC says…

Jobless claims total 1.5 million, worse than expected as economic pain persists

  • This was the 13th straight week that claims have totaled above 1 million.


About 1.5 million workers filed applications for unemployment insurance for the first time last week, the Labor Department said Thursday. That pushes the running tally of those who have made initial claims over the past 13 weeks to a mind-boggling 45.7 million. First-time claims are a reliable gauge of layoffs.

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3 Responses to Throw the Peasants a Crumb, But Give The Loaf to Corporate America

  1. roket says:

    As of the 15th, LDN has added $6.1T to the national debt. Winning.

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    The Looting of America continues apace. Next, since tRump is really, really pushing hard for his “Employee’s Tax Relief” – which eliminates the FICA withholding that funds Soc Sec. – and Moscow Mitch has been paying attention, we can look forward to them finally forcing Soc Sec into insolvency, and then absconding with what few funds are left. He’ll even go so far as to threaten any future “citizen’s bailouts” unless such a move is part of the package. He’s actually in a better bargaining position now than he has been all year, knowing how desperate the peons are getting for those measly crumbs.

    So, come November, there just might not BE an America any longer; at least not one that’s recognizable to us, even from today’s viewpoint, so there won’t be much need for a Prezinit, or Congress-critters, or even much of a populace.

    Thunderdome, here we come!


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